7 Top Reasons Successful Businesses Trusted SQL Accounting
7 Top Reasons Successful Businesses Trusted SQL Accounting

SQL Accounting Software


7 Top Reasons Successful Businesses Trusted SQL Accounting

The accounting database is full of monetary transactions and sales reports that every business needs to present every year. The manual preparation of the accounts may take a long time. It is necessary to possess seamless accounting software to harmonize sales, accounts, invoices, expenses, etc. If you are looking forward to an empowering and effective software, then SQL accounting software is one of the trusted brands.

Nearly 600,000 business and accounting professionals use it, and more than 210,000 companies trust it. It offers training hubs and learning centers for the organizational staff too. The staff can get personalized training without any hassle.

Reasons Businesses Opt for SQL Accounting Software

The businesses are going digital as they receive first-hand data reports just at their convenience. Moreover, making an SQL account is more comfortable as well as you can carry out fast operations too. Most of the companies like E Stream offer the top SQL accounting software in South East Asia. Let us now see a few of the remarkable reasons to choose the SQL Accounting Software.


SQL Accounting Software


  1. Provide Data Migration and Customization of Accounts

The SQL account can migrate the present accounting data made by your organization into a full generated accounting report. It offers its services to all kinds of businesses irrespective of their sizes. The SQL account can help you with your inventory as it can calculate the profit margin on the products, the limited stock that needs to be ordered, products that are still at the warehouse and their time, etc. It will provide the company with a perspective of their sales and purchases.

Moreover, this accounting software can also customize the user-defined fields and alter them according to the company’s requirements. It will help the businesses to create reports and documents that suit their workflow and business size.

  1. Provide Whatsapp Integration for Business Reports

Another reason to choose this SQL accounting software is that it integrates your business and cash flow reports from the source document and sends it across the user’s Whatsapp. Now, you can check multiple reports from various business departments integrated into one sales report with just one message on your Whatsapp.

It can also help the companies to send the quotations, accounting statements, invoices, etc. based on your sales reports. The companies can send essential documents and reports to their clients with just one click through their Whatsapp. Moreover, SQL Account is the first accounting software that is integrated with Whatsapp.

  1. Send Reminder Letters in One Click

If the company is facing any overdue payments from the clients or customers, then with SQL Account, you can send a reminder in just one click. This software will make your work more comfortable as you do not have to personalize each email and then send across every mail manually. The SQL accounting software saves time and facilitates you to focus on other essential tasks or sales generation.

  1. Generating the Salesman Commission Reports

It is pleasure if you do not have to spend an umpteen amount of time preparing and making the sales report manually. Yes, this is possible with the SQL account as it helps in the automatic generation of the salesman commission reports. This accounting software supports a variety of commission calculations.

The bases of commission calculation are the multiple sales reports generated into one report. With this, the organizations will be able to calculate profit-margin based commission and partial payment commission. Moreover, another thing that the SQL Account supports is the multiple commission rates that are based on the stock groups and supplied by the stock agents. This can also help in increasing the salesman commission calculation that can be customized based on the company’s collection, too which means the staff can earn more commission.

  1. Data Privacy And Security

The SQL Account renders advanced security and data privacy to its clients and users. It is one of the best accounting software that one can choose based on the level of security provided. The Companies get ‘double layer access control’ with this SQL accounting software. The top management can hide sensitive information from their employees as well, who have access to the organizational SQL account.

Like, if you have granted access to your accountants for recording transactions in the cashbook and you wish to “hide” a few transactions then you can manage such transactions with the keywords like Bonus or Director Fees and much more.

The organizational bosses can use this advance security feature with which they can exclude the transactions that they want to hide from their staff. Moreover, you can also get data confidentiality that is found in this SQL Account software only. This way the company’s top management and employees can work without any security concerns.

  1. Support Team and Training

This is another big reason the companies must opt for the SQL Account as it provides unlimited and free training every month. With comprehensive training, the employees and top management of an organization can carry out the work hassle-free.  Even it provides complete support to the employees and management through its responsive support team.

The team at SQL Account is fully equipped with complete industry knowledge and trained to assist the companies teams through email, phone and even provide remote access too. This way, the organizations can use this software seamlessly, and in case they are facing a few issues, then support team can solve the issues at the earliest.

  1. Integration with Online Marketplaces

The companies that want to increase their online presence can get great help from this accounting software too. It can help you integrate well with many online marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, PayPal, etc. The great thing about SQL account is that it has worked with varied industries like shipping, wholesale, manufacturing, and many other sectors as well.

It makes this accounting software the best in the market that can help you to reach out to your customers with just one click only. It also offers many integrated E-Commerce solutions that make online marketing seamless. As it has its presence on the Cloud, so you can save your data and retrieve it sitting anywhere in the world at any time of the day. This accounting software has made the business manageable.

Final Words

With thousands of accounting software present across the globe, it becomes tedious to opt for the best and top-notch software that renders versatile features. SQL Account is one of the best accounting software that can be used by the South East Asian companies without any difficulty. It has made the job of the top management and the employees comfortable and convenient. The bosses can track the complete reports and analyze them for increasing commission or company’s sales.

Moreover, the employees can use these accounting features to present better reports and tally them across various departments too. The availability of this software on the Cloud has also made the organizational work easier. It is affordable and can be integrated well with other features and services of the businesses like accounting, sales, invoices, financial reports, etc. of the company. You can try it for free or call the representatives at SQL Account to know more.