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GeneralScan GS-M300BT Liner CCD Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner -Support Android & iOS
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GS M300BT is a lightweight, small, intelligent Bluetooth companion scanner. It can read 3 mil ultra-high density barcode label. The high mobility&cross-platform design and flexible way of using make it an ideal solution for mobile barcode scanning. GeneralscanDynaExpo algorithm guaranteess its superior performance, excellent reading ability The off-line storage capacity of more than 10000 15 bite character barcode enables your work more convenient and flexible. With handheld adapter, you can make GS M300BT as traditional USB handheld barcode scanner work with PC.


- High resolution linear CCD sensor, no moving parts, improve product reliability;

- Long battery life, keep working for 12 hours with 10 second interval trigger

- Bulid-in memory and large off-line storage up to 10000 pcs barcode

- High density model can read 3mil barcode

- Full compatibility with iOS,Android, WindowsPhone,X86 Windows tablet and smartphone 

- Support pairing in both Bluetooth HID and SPP mode,Support hide and display keyboard with iOS system




Weight? 50g

Sensor: 2500 line Linear CCD?650nm Decode

Speed: 270 times/s

Scan Angle: Skew±30°?Pitch±65°?Roll±25°

Working Temp?-10° C -60° C?-4° F -140° F?

Humidity: 5%-90%?Non-condensing?

Mechanical Vibration?IEC 60068-2-6

Mechanical Shock: IEC 60068-2-27 ESD

Protection: EN 55024?IEC 61000-4-2? Contact Discharge?±4KV?Air Discharge? ±8KV??IEC 61000-4-4? IEC 61000-4-5?IEC 61000-4-6?IEC 61000-4-11

RF Immunity: IEC 61000-4-3?10V/m

Power Emission: EN 55022?class B?EN61000- 3-2?IEC 61000-3-3

Ambient Light: 100,000 lux

Optional Accessory?

USB Cable?use for communication and power charge

Handhold adpater?GS D100BT USB Bluetooth Dongle?Strap

Warranty?Scanner 1 year?Battery :6 month

Input Voltage: DC5 v±0.15 V

Working Current: 55mA?working?/160 mA?Max?

Standby Current: < 8mA

Communication:USB2.0, Bluetooth 3.0

Battery Capacity?300mAh

Standby Time?3 day

Working Time?12 hours working time with 10 second trigger interval

Symbologies? UPC-A?UPC-E?EAN-13?EAN-8?ISBN/ ISSN?Code 39?I25?Code 128

Barcode Contrast? >25%(1D)

Certification?CE?ROHS ?WEEE compatibility


Enjoy Advanced Capability with Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

A barcode scanner is important in a warehouse and also in a sales environment. There are several types of barcode scanners, and when selecting the type to use, you need to be sensitive to the features offered by the scanner you want to use. As technology advances, there are new features that are being incorporated in the barcode scanners. These features are meant to improve the experience when using Barcode scanners. The latest General Scan Mini Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is the best in the industry because it has some of the latest features. Here are some of the advantages you get by buying this scanner

High Mobility by Using the Scanner

Unlike the traditional scanners, with General Scan Mini Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner you have different features that make it possible to use the scanner anywhere. With the traditional scanners, you had to bring the products to a central desk so that you can scan the products, but with this barcode scanner, you are able to do the scanning from anywhere within the organisation and even outside. This is an advantage because you don’t need to waste time carrying all the products from the storage areas hence you can achieve more work than using the traditional scanners.



The General Scan Mini Mobile Barcode scanner can be used on Android devices, the windows environment and also on Apple devices. Therefore, you have little to worry about because these are some of the best and most common platforms that are in the market. If you are a specialist organisation that provides warehouse auditing services, you don’t need to invest in different devices that support various platforms since with this mobile barcode scanner you have all the common environments taken care of.


Great Reliability and Flexibility

You can use the Bluetooth feature to transfer the data into your android phone and send a report without too much hustle. Therefore the device is very reliable since you can do all the work simply without complications. The battery capacity is good enough, and the fact that you can use the USB feature means you can charge it on the go using a portable power bank. Therefore this improves the flexibility feature of the mini barcode scanner.


It Is Easy to Use with Minimal Downtime

You can use the device easily because there is no much installation process needed. The device comes with High-resolution linear CCD sensor, meaning no moving parts and therefore it is easy to use and high reliable in any environment. The Bluetooth pairing feature makes it easy to send reports on the go, therefore, you can easily do more without having to work for very long hours. You can submit reports from anywhere and at any time because you don’t have to be in the office.

Technology is shaping our tomorrow, and taking advantage of this great advancement, means you can do more. Therefore, get a Bluetooth barcode scanner for your business and be able to enjoy the flexibility and advanced technology in barcode scanning.

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