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Honeywell 1902G HD 2D Barcode Scanner
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- Part number: 1902GHD-2USB-5

- Handheld Wireless Area Imager 2D Barcode


- High Density

- Bluetooth connection

- Color: Black

- Come with charging & communication cradle

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What It Is: 2D QR Code Scanner for Android

The imaging barcode technology has redefined the capture of information contained in barcodes. Similarly, the barcodes have become modernised. Due to the changes taking place, retailers, manufacturers, shippers, and hospitals; are reaping extraordinary benefits.

If you are looking for a barcode reader; there are multiple types to select. The main differences are; type of technology and applications. In fact, your phone comes with a QR code scanner for Android that lets you scan newspapers, and digital barcodes. To clear up the air; let us examine the various types of barcode technology:


Laser Technology

The laser has found use as barcode scanners since their invention. However, they are being replaced by modern imagers. Some the reasons include; they can only read one-dimensional barcodes.

They require the product to be correctly positioned often directly in the path of the laser beam. Barcodes which are old or damaged limit their functionality. Thus, laser barcode scanners are sometimes slow to use and not suited for a high-paced environment.


Image Technology

A modern 2D code scanner uses the imaging technology to scan barcodes. The process involves taking a focused image of the code and decoding it using sophisticated algorithms. For the 2D scanners, you can position them in any direction and still capture information. They have a long-range, some up to 50 feet away.

A smartphone camera works on the same principle as the 2D code scanner. Most smartphones come with a QR reader application.


Features of the QR Code Scanner for Android

The main feature of the handheld android reader is its ability to support communication of codes to various platforms. You can use it in conjunction with the Windows operating system, Android, and the IOS.

Android scanners are Bluetooth-enabled. That allows them to work with various devices, and communicate instantly. The ability to store up to 60,000 barcodes for later retrieval is an added feature of the handheld barcode scanners.

To ensure they last longer, sturdy materials, which are impact resistant secure them from drops. You can charge and use them for more extended periods. Also, when not in use they sleep automatically, only to wake up during scanning. That saves power and proves the ingenuity of the QR code scanner for Android.

Another must-have feature is plug-and-play. You just plug the barcode reader to the computer and the stored information is streamed to the device. Thus, your POS system stays up to date, and you can process inventory data faster. 


Where to Buy QR Code Scanner for Android

Red Zone is a one-stop shop for Malaysia citizens, and prospects from other countries. Users can buy the Honeywell QR Barcode Scanner which is handheld. Also, it is reachable, protected against drops, Bluetooth-enabled, and will read any code one or two-dimensional.

Other android barcode scanners include the Datalogic Gryphon imagers and handheld RedTech laser scanners. Besides being durable and intelligent, the scanners are moderately priced and suitable for multiple applications.  Reduce the time you take when collecting data by getting one of these products.

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