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Honeywell OptimusS MK5502 Mobile Computer
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OptimusS 5500 Mobile Computer

Honeywell's OptimusS 5500 and OptimusSBT™ 5535 mobile computers offer pocket-sized, data-collection solutions for inventory, order-picking or shipping/receiving. While both data terminals are engineered for rapid batch data collection, the OptimusSBT features Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for real-time data transfer. Other features of Optimus data terminals include LCD display with adjustable font to accommodate different users as well as several programming optics.

OptimusS 5500 Mobile Computer Features and Benefits

LCD display with backlight and adjustable font:  Easy to view screen to accommodate different users and environments

Small form factor: Same feature set as bulkier units in a lighter, easier to handle package

Several Programming Options(Optimizer, BASIC, C): Accommodates different levels of programming skills from beginner to advanced

Class 1 Bluetooth Technology Industry standard technology allows real-time transfer of data approximately 100 meters to a variety of devices

Lower power consumption than other wireless technologies allows for more uptime

Cost-effective alternative to WiFi

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