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Honeywell had acquired the enterprise business of Intermac, Datamax Oneil, Metrologic, HandHeld Product (HHP) in past 10 years.

Honeywell Barcode Scanner in Malaysia

Adding a barcode scanner Malaysia to your business helps your employees capture the data that they need the most. A barcode scanner speeds up the processes and improves the accuracy of the work. No matter if you need a barcode reader Malaysia for a POS, a manufacturing line, or for a patient’s file, we offer scanners that will work in your environment.

2D Barcode Reader Malaysia

2D barcodes have become a popular option for businesses around the world. Most times, they are used in retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Some 2D barcode readers can also scan 1D barcodes.

2D barcodes are the most commonly used barcodes used today because they offer more security features. They also allow more barcodes to be created than just 1D barcodes. 

QR Barcode Scanner

The QR barcode scanner is the newest type of barcode scanner. QR code can store more information than a traditional barcode, which is why we are seeing more companies in the shipping and production industry starting to use QR codes.

Scanning QR code can also open up webpages.  This feature makes it a great option for the medical industry because bedside nurses and doctors could access a patient’s medical record within seconds of scanning the QR code.


General Purpose Code Scanner Malaysia

A general purpose code scanner Malaysia is a great option, especially if you are not sure what type of barcodes you are going to be using. Most general barcode scanners come with software that allows you to pick the type of barcodes that you will be using.

There are various styles of the general purpose scanner, the most common being hand-held and counter scanners. Each style has its own best use, and some models will come with both. You can buy accessories for a hand-held model that will turn it into a hands-free model.


Wireless Scanners

The wireless scanner has become popular with businesses that need to have a scanner with their employees at all times. These scanners use a Bluetooth connection to send the information to a nearby screen, which allows workers to have all the information that they need on them at all times. This can speed up the process of their jobs and improves their overall work.


Barcode Scanner Accessories

There are many accessories that you can add to your barcode scanner Malaysia. The most important accessory is the bar code printer.

Having a barcode scanner Malaysia for your business is an important part of staying organised and speeding up processes. There are many types of scanners that are available, so the best option for your business will depend heavily on what you need from your system and your budget. We offer a wide range of scanners, so you can find one that will work for your business. 

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