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Online Point Of Sales Software - IRS Software Pos System
Price RM2,000.00
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Brand IRS Point of Sales (POS) System
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Online Point Of Sales Software - IRS Software Pos System

A IRS POS System GST Ready & certifite by Kastam Malaysia. Daily sales able to transfer into SQL Accoutning software.

Service inlcude : 

Installation + 2 session on-site training + IRS POS Software deployment & implementation


IRS POS System suitable for :

  • Bakery
  • Book Stores and Stationery Stores
  • Boutiques
  • Bicycle & Motor
  • Beauty salons
  • Car Accessories
  • Computer shop
  • Crystal Store, Jewelry Store and Accessory Shops
  • Florist shop
  • Furniture
  • Gift shop
  • Handphone shop
  • Hardware stores
  • Laundry
  • Mini Market
  • Music School
  • Optical Shop
  • Organic shop
  • Pharmacy
  • Photograph shop
  • Pet Shops
  • Tea Leaf
  • Toy Shops
  • Vege and fruit & etc.



IRS POS System Language
- English,Chinese & Malay

IRS POS SystemCustomer
- Invoice, Cash Sales & Delivery Order
- Sales Order, Quotation
- Print Address Label
- Customer Transaction History
- Customer Point Management
- Treatment Management
- Prepaid Management
- Appointment Management
- Measurement Management
- Survey Report
- Service Report

IRS POS System - Stock
- Stock Re-Order Reminder
- Print Barcode Using Barcode Printer Or Normal Printer (Inkjet or Laser)
- Promotion Price Setting
- 6 Levels Selling Price
- Serial Number Management
- Package Setting
- Expiry Item Management
- Weight Item management
- Matrix Item Management (Item With Colour & Size)
- Multi UOM (Unit Of Measurement)
- Multi Supplier

IRS POS System Feature - Supplier
- Purchase Order
- Goods Receive
- Print Address Label
- Supplier Transaction History

IRS POS System Feature - Staff
- Security Access Level Controls
- Commission Calculation
- Staff Attendance

IRS POS System Feature - Message
- Send SMS (Via Internet)
- Send Email

IRS POS System Feature - Report
- Sales Profit Listing
- Sales Analysis Listing
- Customer Sales Listing
- Top Sales By Item,Sales & Profit
- Stock Listing
- Inventory Audit Trial
- etc

IRS POS System Feature - Others
- Integrated with Mykad Reader (To Read Customer Information)
- Integrated with Mifare Reader (Member Card Reader-Touch)
- Integrated with Data Collector
- Change Skin (Screen Colour)
- GST Ready
- View Daily Sales Through Handphone

IRS POS System Feature - Software Development Tools 

- Programming Language: Microsoft Visual Studio
- Database: MS SQL



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IRS Point of Sales (POS) System



Find the Best Online Point of Sales System - IRS Software

Red Zone Solution is always there in order to make sure you receive the highest quality products at all times. If you are looking for the next IRS Software online POS system for your business, then you should definitely take a look at this machine. Find out more about its specific characteristics and see if this is the perfect solution for you.

There is no doubt that you will love its amazing properties and its great value for money that Red Zone Solution is always offering to its clients and customers. 

IRS Software POS System | POS Software Specifications

This specific brand is IRS POS, and you have probably heard already much about it. The specific product’s name is the IRS Software Online Point of Sales System. The product is in stock, and you can find a large number of availability for now. Its price is shockingly low at only RM 2,756.00.

This IRS Software GST POS system is a ready to use and certified system that you can use on a daily basis. It has the ability to transfer into any SQL accounting software system for your own convenience.

IRS POS System - Special Services Included

Once you purchase your own IRS Software online POS system, you are not alone. You will be able to receive a few additional services that are included in the initial price. The installation procedure as well as 2 sessions with on-site training is also included. The software deployment and implementation are also included.

IRS Software - Online Point of Sales System Suitability

If you own a bakery, book store, boutique or beauty salon, then you have to own a high-quality IRS Point of sales Software GST POS system. Mini markets, computer shops, furniture, hardware stores and any other type of retail store should always have a functional IRS POS software online POS system.

IRS Software Pos System - Special Features

This IRS software Online Point of Sales System has many special features that you will find very useful. It has an invoice and cash sale order, as well as a direct quotation and address bill printing. You can do all of your customer management online, and a measurement management is also available.

On a monthly basis, you will be able to receive survey and service reports so that you can upgrade your services and learn more about your work.

IRS Software Pos System -  Language Options

This IRS POS system can operate in English, Chinese and Malay for your own convenience.

IRS Software Pos System - Supplier’s Features

As a supplier, you will have many great attributes that will make your work easier. You will have the purchase order, the goods to receive and a print address label. The transaction history will be always available to your very own IRS software Online Point of Sales System.

This is without a doubt the perfect IRS Software POS system for you and your company. All you have to do is get online and find out more about this fascinating system. Its special features and tools will upgrade the quality of services that you are offering to your customers.

Order your brand new IRS POS system and see for yourself the amazing properties that it has.



IRS Software Pos System - Sales Menu Screen :

irs pos system

IRS Software Pos System - Sales Screen :

IRS Software Pos System - Maintain Item Screen :

IRS Software Pos System - Maintain Customer Screen :

pos customer screen

IRS Software Pos System - SMS Screen :

sms screen

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