About Us

We founded this company in 2005 because we knew we could make a difference to the way sales were made and how people were paid. At this moment in time, we have one of the biggest selections of touch screen monitors, pos terminals, bar code printers and other point of sale equipment items. We are an authorized dealer when it comes to SQL accounting software and we also have payroll software and IRS software available as well. After all, we believe in being an all service solution and we want to make it so all of our clients can get everything they need and more, directly from us.

With bar code readers, mobile printers, receipt printers, ID card printers and even cash drawers also available, it is no wonder why our customers continue to choose us for whatever they need and we pride ourselves on the service we provide on a day to day basis. With years of experience, we have already worked with warehouses, healthcare providers and so much more so we are entirely confident that we will be able to find something that will meet and exceed your every requirement. If you want to find out what else we have available, then all you need to do is take a look below to see some of our top products:

So as you can see, there isn't anything that we don't have and we are always happy to work with you so you can always trust in us to give you a great experience. Why don't you get in touch with us today to find out more? We can't wait to hear from you.


Speed up your business operations with the help of a full service GST solution. RedZone F&B system Malaysia can deliver the utmost in accounting software, payroll support, inventory tracking and more. With a whole host of options including a barcode scanner solution, receipt printer, ribbons, labels, POS software systems, weight scales, magnetic readers and more you can get access to the best in inventory tracking as well as point-of-sale systems.

By getting access to top-quality equipment for your business you can experience some of the following advantages and more:

Improved organization: inventory tracking and POS software system labeling ensures that your business can move much faster than you ever thought possible. By being able to work knowing that all of your inventory tracking will be handled with ease, you can spend less time updating worksheets, managing business assets and more. With automatic organization in inventory tracking you can also make sure that the job is done correctly with minimal need for future organizational efforts.

Mass compatibility: with devices which are designed to work with your industry you can ensure that various elements from the inventory hardware can be compatible with other aspects of your business. Imagery tracking software can easily mesh well with your accounting software and other elements of your day to day operations.

Cost savings: with the improved efficiency you could potentially save money on hours and staff. Items which improve the accuracy of your cost estimates and your business also help you to become a better quality company with improved response times. Exceeding cost savings will help your business regularly save money for greater success in your market.

Consider some of these top benefits and more to working with RedZone F&B system Malaysia. For some of the most affordable business products on the market, the staff here can deliver excellence every time.