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Android POS System
Android POS System
Android POS System

The Best Android POS Software in Malaysia - Take your business to the next level with RedTech Android POS System

Are you into a business which needs constant reporting and data analyzing? If yes, then how manageable it is to carry your laptop everywhere you go and still remain updated with your business whereabouts? Probably not very easy, isn’t it? Thus, RedTech POS System has introduced an Android POS which can be easily operated via your mobile phone or tablet. Yes, that’s right, so now no more business worries during your holidays; your data is available at your fingertips.

Benefits of RedTech Android POS System:

•    Portable: This is the most important benefit of Android POS. The Android POS software installed on your mobile phones or tablets gives you are precise assess to your data whenever and wherever required.

•     Clear customer interactions: As the Android pos system is portable, you can get back to the queries and comments of your customers instantly. This builds a good business relation.

•    GST/VAT ready: The Android POS with RedTech is GST/VAT ready.

•    Online and offline operating feature: No matter whether your internet connection has gone down, this Android POS system is designed to work offline too. Once the connection is back it automatically syncs with the cloud.

•    Easy setup: The RedTech Android POS is very easy to setup and at the same time is extremely user-friendly.

•    Onetime investment: Once you install RedTech Android POS software, you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly fees. The software is all yours for lifetime. Hence, this becomes a clever onetime investment for the growth of your business.

If you want your business to grow it's obvious that you need to put in extreme efforts in analyzing and monitoring your business activities closely. Nothing else can do this job better for you other than the RedTech Android POS. So, order your Android POS software today with us at REDZONE Solutions.



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Boost your restaurant business with Mobile waiter ordering system.

If you own a restaurant or café, then this android POS is definitely for you. Are your waiters spending a lot of time in moving to and forth the kitchen and table to take and bring orders? Is this annoying other customers who have to wait for a long time due to this delay? RedTech android POS is a simple solution for such problems.

With android POS software, your waiters can take the orders and send it directly to the kitchen without even actually going there physically by using mobiles, iPads or tablets. The kitchen displays placed in the kitchen enables two-way communication between the kitchen staff and the waiters which help in saving a lot of time and delivering the most sophisticated and warm services to the customers.

Advantages of using Android POS on mobiles at restaurants:

•    Speed: The ordering process speeds up which saves a huge time for the customers and the staff.

•    High sales: Once your waiters are able to speed up their services, this definitely helps them in attending more customers efficiently, ultimately resulting in your business growth.

•    Easy communication between staff: The communication between the staff in the kitchen and the waiters become easy which helps them in serving customers more efficiently.

•    No mistakes: As the communication is instant between the customer, waiter, and the kitchen staff there is less room for errors due to miscommunication.

•    Easily prepared: It becomes easy for the staff to prepare dishes as per the FIFO method which does not keep the customers waiting for a long time.

•    No hardware required: All the communication is done via mobile or tablet, no other hardware needs to be installed.

•    Cost effective: Above all it’s very important to know that installing android POS system is very cost effective.

Login to REDZONE Solutions today and order your RedTech android POS at great deals. This is the best way to push your business towards the next generation level.





Know your business whereabouts anywhere anytime with Mobile Reports.

Do you often tend to avoid going on holidays with family just because you don’t want to miss on your business daily updates? How about if you are able to take care of your business even when you are not in the office? Sounds good, isn’t it? Android POS software can help you do this.

RedTech android POS System has come up with this great feature – Mobile Reports. By this, you would be able to access your business data from anywhere and anytime on your mobile phone. Isn’t this just an amazing feature? Now you may spend time with your family and friends and still be updated with your business details.

Features of Mobile reporting via Android POS:

•    High security: Android POS software are built on cloud infrastructure, hence, you can access the data at any point in time. However, this feature is so sophisticated that only you would be able to access the details due to safe tunneling technology. Thus, you can be assured that your data would not be misused or forged.

•    Schedule reports: You can also set times and schedules on the Android POS and get data as per the scheduled time. Hence, no more hassles of generating the reports manually. The android POS system does the work for you efficiently and on the fixed schedule.

•    On time reports: Manual reporting can get delayed due to many reasons like absenteeism, overload of other work, and so on. But, things can never go wrong with android POS mobile reports. You would get the reports as and when required at the exact time.

There is much more than this that you can get with the top rated android POS. Login to REDZONE Solution and order for your android POS software on best deals.


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Take easy orders from customers at your restaurants with QR Code Android POS Menu.

How does it sound to you if you are said that you can earn more profits by cutting down on your current staffs? Probably you may think that how would your business run if you have no staffs? RedTech Android POS has made it possible now. The QR Code system enables your customers to order their items over the phone and hence you can cut down on the waiters you have.

How does the QR Code menu work?

•    You may assign different QR codes for different tables; hence as soon as your customers choose a table for themselves their Android phone will show them the unique QR code of that particular table.

•    Once the customer scans the QR code, their mobiles phones get connected to the cloud Android POS software.

•    By this time they will be able to view the items available along with their prices; they may select the desired item and click on order.

•    After the order is placed, a notification is sent to the staff in the kitchen on their display boards.

•    Hence, by this, they understand which table is asking for which item.

•    They start with the preparations, once done; the order is served to the customer.

In order to use the QR code, your customer does not need to download any applications, their Android mobile automatically gets connected with the Android POS and they are then all set to confirm the order by themselves.

If your customers get quick, easy and prompt services at your restaurant, they are definitely going to be amazed with your hospitality. This ensures that you are on the path of building a good customer relationship with your clients.s

You can get your personalized RedTech Android POS system with us on REDZONE Solution at great discounts. So order your own Android POS today!



No need to spend a fortune to get your own android pos system.

The best android POS system does each and every task of your business efficiently and effectively. Now you may think that, as this has the ability to multi-task, you might have to spend a lot to set up your own android POS software. Well, the answer is ‘NO’. You don’t have to spend a huge amount, just a small investment on android POS and you are all set to opt for a future ready business management.

Apart from being cost effective there are many benefits that android POS system provides to your business, they are as below;

•    Employee reporting: It helps you to keep a track on how much hours your employees input towards the production. It also helps to analyze their performance.

•    Regular reports: You can get reports of your business like client database, employee performance, profit and loss data, etc.

•    Availability of products: Sophisticated android POS software keeps a track of all the inventory items and hence provides you details of the stocks that are finished or about to finish.

•    Save time: This multiple tasking android POS saves a lot of your time and helps you divert your attention towards tasks that need more attention.

•    Error-free: The tasks done by android POS are accurate and up to the mark. Hence, fewer errors help you gain a good reputation among customers.

•    Customer follows up: Android POS system can save all the details of your customers and also arranges to ask for the feedback on the services they received. This helps you gain customer loyalty.

In spite of so many benefits, RedTech android POS system is one of the most economical android POS that you can own for your business. You would get best deals on REDZONE Solutions. So, log in today!


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