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Argox PA-100 Mobile Computers
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Argox PA-100 Mobile Computers

Models List: PA-100, PA-110

• Expansion Slot: Micro SD card (32G)
• OS: Microsoft Windows CE .NET 6.0 Professional

Throughout these years, Argox has invested great efforts and resources to understand your business, your daily needs at work, and your resources available to improve the efficiency and upgrade your mobile tasks. To leverage the great market achievement made by our PA-60 series, Argox has integrated various application demands, hardware system flexibilities, and human factor considerations to come up with the new PA-100 series. As the milestone marked the serious commitments Argox made to stand behind all of our mobile computer lines, PA-100 series has also been recognized as the flagship of Argox mobile computers. Introducing not only the contemporary system architecture, superior performance and firm reliability make PA-100 series a new option to the field mobile applications world. With PA-100 series, you will never have any surprise but only need to expect what you should have to come. More processing power and intelligence have driven PA-100 series on the data communication freeway. Lighter and comfortable in user’s palm, PA-100 series tightly link your work force in the field with your headquarter office. Various accessories have given the final touch to the new PA-100 series, from a moving vehicle to the working bench, and make it a perfect partner to your workforce.

Aiming at harsh and demanding application environment, the PA-100 series is designed to face and handle drops and bumps happened everywhere in mobile applications. For tasks out in the rain or dusty field, IP65 sealing design makes PA-100 series safely completing the mission with consistent quality and performance. Sealed to survive immersion in water, tasks in the city sewage can be conducted with peace of mind because the PA-100 series will strongly secure your working data even if been dropped in the water.

The intrinsic characteristic of mobile data collection applications is versatile. For keypad layout, the requirements vary from full alphanumeric to cellphone-like numeric. The critical factor affecting the efficiency of mobile data collection is the ease of use of the keypad. Proper key counts, key pitches, and key sizes are closely linked with key placement for maximized simplicity and accuracy. PA-100 series offers two types ( 44-key and 29-key) of keypad for different application demands. Performing on the same superior platform, PA-100 series knows your actual demands.

To transfer a retail application used PA-100 series to the warehouse for intensive data capture application is easy as 1-2-3. Offering strong structure and simple mechanical design, user can easily install an optional pistol-grip onto the standard PA-100 series mobile computer in the back office with a Philips screw driver. Within the pistol-grip, there is a large capacity ( 5000mAH ) Li-ion battery pack to give extended working hours for heavily loaded shifts.

To eliminate extra power consumption and meet the global Power-Saving and environmental concerns, the design team of PA-100 series has applied the best ever experiences on the power management design. While maintaining sensitive alert mechanism triggered by keypad activities or cradle insertion moves, the PA-100 will enter suspend mode automatically if it has been left unused for an extended period of time. This will not only extend the working hours of the main battery, less frequent charging will also extend the battery life to lower the environmental pollution thus caused. PA-100 series is built with all RoHS- and REACH-compliant material and parts. To save our environment and earth, PA-100 series is working with all of us closely hand in hand.

In the mobile data collection field, there are various data to be captured: 1-D barcode, 2-D barcode, image. To meet requirements in different applications, the design PA-100 series has been implemented with various data entry modules. With outstanding sensitivity and accuracy, sharp as Eagle’s eyes, performance of data collection on PA-100 series is the first key to improve your field mobile application efficiency.

To complement any mobile application in the field, it takes more than just the mobile computer itself. PA-100 series offer a line of accessories to make PA-100 series more friendly so it fits in your field work force nicely. To charge PA-100 series, Argox offers in cradle charging, and communication charging cable. To protect PA-100 series from accidental dropping, a protective holster with shoulder strap is available to ease the stress of the user from long time palm holding. To effectively manage multiple units of PA-100 series in the enterprise, a 4-slot battery charger is available to make the IT manager’s life easier. An optional pistol-grip is designed for field installation to give extended battery capacity and scanning intensive convenience.


Specifications :

  External I/O Interface USB / RS-232
  Expansion Slot Micro SD card (32G)
 OS Microsoft Windows CE .NET 6.0 Professional
 RAM 256MB
 ROM 256MB
 Display 3.5" blanview TFT LCD, 240x320 QVGA 262K colors withTouch panel
 Indicators LED, Beeper and Vibrator
 Keypad 29 keys or 44 keys
 Mobile Computer Dimensions 159mm(L) x 80.8mm(W) x 36mm(H)
 Mobile Computer Weight 380g(battery included)
 Image Sensor PA-100: Laser, PA-110: Area imager
 Decode Capability PA-100: Chinese 2/5, Codabar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, EAN-13, EAN-8, Industrial 2/5, MSI plessey, UK plessey, UPCA. PA-110: Codabar, Codablock F, Code 11, Code 128, Code 39, Code 49, Code 93, EAN-13, EAN-8, IATA 2/5, Industrial 2/5, Interleved 2/5, Italian Pharmacode ( code 32), Matrix 2/5, Planet Code, PosiCode, Standard 2 of 5, Telepen, UK plessey, UPCA, UPCE, Australian Post, British Post, Canadian Post, China Post, Japan Post, KIX Post, Korea Post, Code-16K, MicroPDF417, PDF-417, RSS 14 (GS1 databar-14), RSS Expanded (GS1 DataBar Expanded), RSS Limited ( GS1 DataBar Limited), Micro QR, QR
 Resolution 5mil
 Depth of Field PA-100: Code 39 5mil 30-100mm, Code 39 10mil 20-300mm, Code 39 20mil ~450mm. PA-110: Code 39 5mil 85-95mm, Code 39 10mil 50-180mm, Code 39 13 mil 30-210mm, Code39 20 mil 50-270mm, QR code 15mil 50-170mm
 Scan Rate Laser :100 scans/second
 Communication Interface USB, RS-232
 Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C / 14°F ~ 122°F
 Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C / -4°F ~ 158°F
 Humidity Operating: Non-condensed 80%
 Drop Resistance 1.8 meters to concrete(Handset), 0.9 meters to concrete(Cradle)
 Sealing IP65
 Electrostatic Discharge (+/- 15 KV) air discharge / (+/- 8 KV) direct discharge
 Software N/A
 Program Language N/A
 Developing Tools  Visual Studio 2005, Software Development Kit (SDK), Scanner Configuration Utility
 Power Source Universal Switching Power supply. AC input voltage: 100~240V, 50~60Hz. DC Output: 5V, 3A
 Battery  1) Data collector: Rechargeable 3.7V 3900mAh Li-Polymer Battery. 2) Optional Pistol Grip: Rechargeable 3.7 V 5000mAh, li-ion Battery
 Cradle Device cradle with single slot battery compartment, Four-slot charger
 Accessory  ● Communication and Charging Cables: ActiveSync Seriel/USB cable with charging. ● Battery Charger: Device cradle with single slot battery compartment, Four-slot charger. ● Other: Pistol Grip, Carry case
  Wireless Communications WPAN: Bluetooth Class 2, version 2.0. WLAN: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
 Agency Listing  CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE
 Attention *Argox reserves the right to enhance and modify the specification without prior notice. Please check Argox sales representative for most updated specifications.
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