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AutoCount Accounting Software & POS System


AutoCount Accounting Software is uniquely intended to enable organizations to monitor clients, stock things and deals. It is an Offline POS with Real-Time Data Synchronization Capability. Every terminal will keep its database and is unaffected by server. It is steady as both of its back-end and front-end database are bolstered by Microsoft SQL Server. APOS is completely incorporated with ground-breaking AutoCount Accounting, which is a coordinated business arrangement that includes accounting.  It also helps to maintain the account details like a cake walk.


You can synchronize information among terminal and database server over the web. For instance, you can synchronize ace records with this efficient accounting software easily.


You can moreover utilize the connection from the POS terminal through association with the principle account information to the Server to check for the stock sum in your present outlet, diverse outlets and headquarters. In APOS, POS exchanges made in every po terminal will be synchronized back to HQ Main Database Server quickly. Henceforth, HQ will get continuous stock dimension data for further relating activities.  The things become so easy to manage with the help of this accounting software. This efficient software is great enough to make your business powerful. The accounting software help you to enhance the capabilities of your small business.


Make Your Business Powerful with AutoCount Accounting Software


The AutoCount Accounting software and Point of Sale helps a business in keeping up a record and making a database of its business, clients and stock. This disconnected POS framework synchronizes information progressively between the terminal and the Microsoft SQL supported database server. The AutoCount Point of Sale comes furnished with the AutoCount Accounting programming which makes it multifunctional. This system make your business grow at the leaps and bound. You can have the best control on the system with the help of this unique and efficient software.


In Spite of the fact that vast retail chains with a humongous exchange volume would be profited the most by utilizing AutoCount Point of Sale, this product likewise has extraordinary application for littler retailers who have a set number of outlets. You can set the referent point of sale for the different items you want to sale.


With AutoCount POS system, every single exchange made at every single terminal is synchronized immediately with the Main Database server at the Headquarters. This encourages constant confirmation of stock levels.


AutoCount POS system gives nitty gritty reports of bookkeeping things and capacities, for example, vouchers and so forth. These reports help you recognize drifts explicitly identified with your business, for example, distinguishing the timeframe that saw greatest deals, favored installment strategy for clients etc.


The reports created via AutoCount POS system encourage an equitable and reasonable assessment of the organization's execution.


It distinguishes the qualities and shortcomings of the business and every single outlet can be assessed independently however on the equivalent yardstick. The Microsoft SQL server that underpins the AutoCount Accounting Software at both front and back closures loans steadiness to every single terminal and makes a solid database.

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