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AutoCount Accounting Software
AutoCount Accounting Software
AutoCount Accounting Software

Introduction to AutoCount Accounting Software

AutoCount Accounting is a totally integrated business software that amalgamates Accounting, Inventory Control, Invoicing, Payroll and POS solutions into one, single business application which facilitates smooth functioning of a business. Although most people mistake it as ‘Accounting only’ software, it’s much more than that. Its applications are wide and it caters to all types of businesses. Essentially, it is a complete software solution that helps solve all sorts of business problems.

The following benefits of AutoCount make it stand out as a wholesome business application.

No Accounting knowledge required

AutoCount doesn’t require the operator to possess any kind of advanced accounting knowledge. A layman can use it as effectively as an Accounting gold medalist could with the knowledge of the most basic accounting rules and methods.

Easy to use

The AutoCount software is highly simplified and fairly easy in its operation. It is a user-friendly application and easy to learn even for novices.

Integrates multiple tasks

AutoCount Accounting handles multiple key tasks simultaneously. It handles purchasing, stock control, payroll management and various other highly specialized subjects at the same time.

Saves time and money

Needless to say, that with its wide scope for utility, AutoCount simplifies processes and drastically reduces the time spent in completing those processes. Also, it reduces the manpower requirement for performing specialized operations and hence saves a lot of money for the business organization.

It is inexpensive

Quite surprisingly, for a software that does so much for you, it is relatively inexpensive. The AutoCount software price is quite cheap (at least against its utility) and the maintenance costs are next to nothing. An AutoCount dealer would help design a package for you keeping in mind all your requirements and would thus help optimize the AutoCount software price which may range from RM 1588 to RM 3788 depending on your requirement.

AutoCount Accounting is your one-stop solution for varied business problems.




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