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What Exactly is AutoCount Cloud Payroll Software and Why Do Companies require it?

The AutoCount payroll software helps the small and medium-based companies to maintain the payroll system of the business’s employees in a precise manner. This software helps in providing the reports from the internal management and the government-related reports in order to maintain the accurate payroll of all their employees.

Another benefit of possessing this payroll software is that the organization can get familiar with the Labour Law Guide and the Government Employment Act provisions or any newer changes introduced in them. To know about the employees’ last payroll this software helps in providing the graphical representation of the payroll information and provides access to the employees’ payroll history.

Why Do Companies Need Payroll Software

The small and mid-sized organizations based in Malaysia require the payroll system to provide an accurate salary to the employees with any deductions being stated clearly. Moreover, its utilization also includes backup and restoring the information in case if there is any problem or bug found in the database.

Organizations use the AutoCount Cloud Payroll system to restore the information on the event of any loss of the important information or for the reports of previous records. Here are some pointers that will help you to know why the business houses need the payroll system.

  • Provision of Well-Designed Dashboard: With the help of AutoCount payroll software, there will be no more digging of the data details at the end of the salary month to frame the payment of the employees. Now, the HR can have the overview of the employee’s salary, deductions, payments if any, etc. right in front of them on the company’s dashboard. The information is ready at the time of rolling out the pays, and details can be further used in case of any difficulty.
  • Tracking of Loans through the ‘Loan Module’: If the company has provided any loan to the employees, then this ‘Loan Module’ system helps the employers to know the loan status of the employees. The system will keep the businesspersons updated about the present loan status and if the loan has been paid regularly by the employees or is there any delay done?
  • Submitting of Claims to the Company: The ‘Claim Module’ by AutoCount is an addition is an addition to their payroll system where the employees can easily file their claims from the company. They can submit the claims with the help of this software without using any hard copy. Even this module helps the HR Manager to set up the list of items that employees can claim from their organization.

To sum up, the payroll software helps the business houses to store the information related to the employees in a timely manner so that it can prove helpful in the event of any disputes.




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