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AutoCount Accounting Software

AutoCount Accounting ranks among the top accounting software in the world when it comes to solving Accounting issues and meeting a business’ accounting requirements. It is equipped with integrated features that enable it to perform the toughest accounting tasks with utmost ease. Make no mistake; its accounting efficiency can give many accounting veterans a run for their money!

Most likely users

AutoCount Accounting is the prescribed accounting software for wholesalers, distributors, companies with large stock volume and businesses that wish to obtain business information solution on an ad hoc basis.

AutoCount Accounting Modules

The AutoCount Accounting software consists of 19 modules that resolve all accounting issues and also facilitate decision making. General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, stock, Sales, Purchase, Inquiry, Advance financial Report, Report Designer and Advanced multi-currency are some of the major modules of this accounting software.

AutoCount Accounting Features & Benefits

User friendly:

Minimalistic accounting knowledge is all that you need to operate this software. It is fairly straightforward to learn and its Windows Interface facilitates easy navigation.


Time saving:

You no longer need to worry about handling multiple accounting tasks simultaneously. This accounting software performs all these tasks seamlessly through its integrated modules and saves a lot of time.


Stable Database:

The Microsoft SQL server that supports this accounting software lends great stability to users. Functions are optimized for speed and there are no restrictions on the number of entries. Most importantly, even if you face a sudden power cut or your PC decides to act up all of a sudden, you do not have to redo anything again.


Regular Updates:

For a business that is growing from strength to strength, AutoCount Accounting keeps pace to meet its growing requirements by providing regular software updates through additional modules.


AutoCount Accounting is the ultimate accounting software that helps you run your business smoothly, evaluate your performance periodically and make superior business decisions.   


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