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AutoCount F&B Restaurant POS System Software
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AutoCount F&B Restaurant POS System Software

What Food & Beverages Industry Need to Know about AutoCount F&B System?

With the increase in the size of the food and beverages industry, the stocks, sales and customer requirements need to be updated on time. This will help the industry to grow and develop because they will have full knowledge about the products that are available in stock with the help of AutoCount F&B system. This system comprises of the real-time data management system with offline POS.

The restaurants can maintain their accounts quickly by filling up the required information in the provided fields. Moreover, the AutoCount Restaurant POS System provides an integrated solution for the business houses that comprises of stock, accounting and invoicing. Even it helps in synchronizing the POS transactions into the POS terminal, which then synchronizes back to the main terminal of the Headquarter.

Significant Pointers Related to AutoCount F&B System

The AutoCount F&B system helps the food and beverage industry specialists to get important stock related information in real-time. Let’s discuss how this system can help the industry.

  • There may be different prices of a single item. This AutoCount system helps the debtors or the creditors to quote different prices of an item in various fields. Even the executives from the restaurants can set up the fixed prices or the discount price, item price and quote the quantity of the product in the provided fields.
  • If your F&B Industry is selling the products to the customers, then the ‘Membership Reward System’ for retaining them will help your company to know about the particular consumer’s purchase history. The restaurant will come to know what the customers ordered and about their latest and last orders too. This will help the restaurant to get the details about the ‘bonus points’ listings as well.
  • The POS system also uses various kinds of promotional schemes for the consumers that can be entered here. It contains diverse types of discount and purchase functions, purchases done during the set time, discounts provided on varied item groups, mix and match of the stock and discount by item type and price.
  • It also encourages mobile payment so it is going to integrate with the systems of WeChat and Alipay. This will be a great deal for the local consumers as well as the tourists coming to Malaysia.

To conclude, the AutoCount POS system helps the Food and Beverages Industry to connect with their main headquarters to know about the present stock and sales condition. This way, you can serve the customers without any hassle.


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