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AutoCount SiteGiant eCommerce Sync
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AutoCount SiteGiant eCommerce Sync 

SiteGiant AutoCount Integrator

Now You Can Sync Your eCommerce
Sales into Accounting System Easily

Reduce Workload, Reduce Mistakes, Save Labor Cost

With SiteGiant AutoCount Integrator, you are able to sync your online sales into AutoCount Accounting Software easily with just a few clicks.

SiteGiant AutoCount Integrator is NOT a tool to bring more Sales to your business

– BUT It is helping you to Save Tremendous Labor Cost on book-keeping.

This is NOT another Nice to Have Tool, SiteGiant AutoCount Integrator will increase your overall business performance.

– It’s one of the Key Success Factor in your business. By allowing you to sync order details accurately into Accounting system in a timely fashion, Tax return submission can be done on time (especially in GST era today). You are saving yourself out of fear of getting penalty from Customs / IRB due to late submission or mismatching transaction details because of human error (GST Act 2014, Sec 88 Penalty for incorrect return).

In a nutshell, SiteGiant AutoCount Integrator is a BRIDGE that connects SiteGiant Store with AutoCount Accounting system.


2 Ways Product Sync

1) From SiteGiant Sync to AutoCount 
Product created or updated under SiteGiant can be synced to Autocount.

2) From AutoCount Sync to SiteGiant
You can create/edit product under AutoCount then sync to SiteGiant to sell in your online store and
multiple eMarketplaces (Lazada, 11street, Lelong etc.) simultaneously.


Order Sync

Sales from eMarketplace and SiteGiant store are allowed to sync back to AutoCount.


Top Reasons Your E-Commerce Business Needs SiteGiant AutoCount Integrator

Most of the business houses are unable to synchronize their sales seamlessly and prepare accounts well. For this, the businesspersons in Malaysia can use a tool for the bookkeeping purpose that is the AutoCount SiteGiant Integrator. This tool saves the labor cost for maintaining accounts manually as users can fill up the information for the sales online.

The key factor of possessing this tool is that it improves the business performance with AutoCount Accounting System and helps in filing the tax returns, no penalties charged as your sales will be accurately stored and synchronizing the product order details. Let’s discuss the benefits of such tools.

Saving the Labor Cost

The AutoCount SiteGiant Integrator helps the users to fill in their order details and sales automatically online without requiring skilled people to do that task manually. With this, the companies can now wisely allocate their budget towards their marketing campaign in order to increase their sales volume drastically.

Reduction in the Unnecessary Workload

The Integrator tool has made the work of the businesses easier as one can just fill up the relative details of the sales and purchases in the accounting software in the respective fields. This helps the business houses to focus more on the business-related activities and develop their business manifolds.

Provide the Inventory Management Service

To increase the accuracy of knowing the stock level between the online and offline business stores it becomes important to synchronize the sales-related details. This tool helps the companies AutoCount system to synchronize well with the online transaction-related information that as a result will automatically update your accounting system.

Help in Maintaining Records and Filing Taxes on Time

With this tool, the organizations no longer require keeping the accounting records manually as stated under GST Act 2014, Sec 36 about the Duty of organizations to keep book-keeping records. This tool helps in storing the accounting records automatically as soon as the transaction takes place.  This will also help the companies in averting any kind of human errors while filling the order and sales details and calculation of taxes. Now, the owners will be able to file the accurately calculated taxes or GST on time.

To conclude, it is mandatory for the business houses to use the AutoCount Integrator that will help them to keep the track of their business inventory without any hassle. Even it facilitates concentrating more on their business development as well.

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