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Resin Ribbon | Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Resin Ribbon | Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Resin Ribbon | Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Resin Ribbon | Resin Barcode Ribbon Purchasing Guide

Barcodes are being used to monitor almost anything from the military equipment to the various retail products. Choosing the right media can be overwhelming due to the multiple size, adhesive, and materials available. The paper label can be perfect for creating standard label; sadly, it will not provide an ideal solution if you are using the tag on vehicles. With the huge selection of materials and media types, choosing the right resin ribbon | resin barcode ribbon that will suit the application can be challenging.

Things to Consider When Buying Resin Ribbon | Resin Barcode Ribbon

Knowing the function of the sticker printer ribbon will help you choose what features, material and type you will need. This article will help you understand the buying process and identify the particular needs of your business.

The Resin Ribbon Media Types

The first thing that you should consider when looking for the ideal media is to identify the proper form. While in most cases, the thermal printer will use an adhesive form of thermal printer ribbon, there are also other media types that will perfectly accomplish the task.

  • Labels- when we talk about the labels in the retail system, we are basically referring to the adhesive and sticker-type of media. All types of labels are adhesive and this is designed to be applied directly on the material. This is one of the most widely used resin barcode ribbon.
  • Tags- Compared to the label, the tags are not adhesive. They are also made from thicker material. Tags are mostly used in clothing or any materials that does not have a smooth surface.
  • Wristband-This is a specialised type of thermal printer ribbon that is mostly used for tracking people such as patients.

Types of Resin Ribbon Material

After you managed to determine the right media for the application, it is now time to consider the material of your resin barcode ribbon.

  • Polyester- This has got to be the most durable material; unfortunately, this thermal printer ribbon is also more expensive. It is ideal for products that are exposed on extreme environmental factors. Some people use this on strong chemicals and other harsh conditions.
  • Polypropylene- This is a plastic material that is also durable but not as costly as the polyester material. It will not tear easily and it is also water-resistant.
  • Paper- Papers are mostly used on sticker printer ribbon. They are also used on paper-based applications unless they will be used in high-moisture and rugged environment.

Finally, you also need to look at the extra features of your resin barcode ribbon in order to find the ideal choice for the application. You need to look at their colour; most of them are offered on the blank and plain shades, but there are also various colours available. Some of them are available in specialised shape. For instance, if you are looking for a barcode label that will fit perfectly in a bottle, you can avail a circular label that will allow your customers to easily identify your product.

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