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Wax Barcode Ribbon
Wax Barcode Ribbon
Wax Barcode Ribbon

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Anyone who has a thermal printer requires a Malaysia thermal transfer ribbon for proper thermal printing of transfer labels. The ribbon can be of any colour but the one waxed black colour, is the best one for those who use white paper roles. The ribbon comes in various sizes so you must ensure that you get the appropriate design that will serve you well. Thermal printing can be used for a variety of purposes including production of colour images by adhering a wax-based ink onto paper. The ribbon and paper travels in unison in the printer machine, and when the ribbon wax melts, the ink is embedded to the paper forming numbers.

Features of the Malaysian Ribbon

The barcode ribbon supplier Malaysia supplies ribbons that are of high quality because the ribbons enable you to print numbers that can scanned by both light and infrared technologies. When using this ribbon, you will not be limited on which surface to print because it is able to print even in the toughest surfaces including coated and uncoated materials. It produces high-quality printing that cannot be erased easily unlike the other kind of ribbons.

It is a scratch resistant barcode label sticker Malaysia that won’t compromise the quality of printing no matter the physical stress it is subjected to. Owing to this, it can be used for asset tracking even in the hostile weather conditions, warehouses and product stores where the sticker is expected to be scraped off. The ribbon is known to offer quick printing capability to your machine thereby avoiding the waste of time and excess electricity consumption. In addition to all these pleasing attributes, the ribbon is also compatible with Industrial printers and Polypropylene Labels which makes it a universal ribbon that be used for many purposes. Every product is new meaning your printing is going to be of high quality.

High Quality and Robust

You wouldn’t like the printed numbers or images to become faint or get erased. This is why the label sticker printing Malaysia manufacturers uses high-quality materials to produce the best ribbons that are going to produce high-quality labels. Every ribbon is tested for quality to ensure that it is within the premium quality standards before being dispatched to the consumers. Every roll is well stored, wrapped and shipped to ensure that it reaches the final user in the best state or condition possible.

For excellent thermal printing, you need to get the best ribbon size that will match your printing needs. The supplier ensures that quick delivery is made after you order for your ribbon. Make sure that you include the size of the ribbon and the colour in your order so that proper packaging is done.

The bottom line is that for perfect labels to be made, you will need to have the best and high-quality ribbons. Only ribbons that are chemical resistant can offer you the best labelling services, and that is what our suppliers are offering to people to ensure that you don’t regret why you choose to order ribbons from us.

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