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Wax-Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Wax-Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Wax-Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Advantages of Using Wax Resin Ribbon

When you are using thermal transfer printer, it is important that you use the proper label printer ink. Using the wrong thermal transfer ribbon affects the quality of the labels and cost you money.

What is a Wax Resin Ribbon?

A wax resin barcode ribbon is a combination of resin and wax. It provides more durability compared to a full wax ribbon. By using this type of barcode printer cartridge, you are able to print on various materials that include synthetics, glossy paper stocks, waterproof materials, and a lot more.

On the downside, a wax resin barcode ribbon is more expensive than a full wax ribbon. People use this type of ink for products exposed to changing weather conditions and temperatures. You can also use it when you need a durable mailing label or on a product that is constantly handled.

Resin melts at a temperature higher than wax, and that’s why you need to set the temperature of the printer at a higher setting when you use a wax resin barcode ribbon. The resulting label resists smudges, chemicals, and scratches. Many people prefer this type of ribbon because it can produce a high-quality image at high speed. Moreover, you can use it on various surfaces. 

Grades of Wax Resin Barcode Printer Cartridge

A wax resin ribbon comes in various grades that range from very low percentage of resin and a high percentage of wax to high percentage of resin and very low percentage of wax. Consult with a printer ribbon supplier to determine the right ink for your needs.

How a Thermal Barcode Printer Works?

A thermal printer produces tags and labels, but its quality depends on the barcode printer cartridge. A high-performance printer can’t provide the results you are looking for unless you use the right cartridge.

The thermal transfer ribbon is a clear film that has a coat on one side. More often than not, the label printer ink is black, but you can buy ribbons with different colours. The coating is made of either resin or wax, or a combination of the two. When you want durable labels that last for a long time, choose a wax resin barcode ribbon.

During the printing process, the side with no coat goes on top of the print head that transfers heat to the ribbon. The coated side touches the label media. The heating process transfers the ink from the ribbon to the label.

Knowing the difference between the different types of barcode ribbons can help you make a smart decision for your printing options. Just make sure that you are using the right cartridge for your ribbon. Failure to get the right one results to wasting precious time, money and effort.

If you have any questions about barcode printer cartridge, contact us today. As the go-to printer ribbon supplier, we are more than happy to answer your questions and help you select the right ribbon for your printer. You can also browse the products we have to offer on this page.

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