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Barcode Printer Ribbon
Barcode Printer Ribbon
Barcode Printer Ribbon

We supply all range for barcode printer ribbon. Common barcode printer ribbon is Wax ribbon, Wax/Resin ribbon & Resin ribbon. With different size of barcode printer ribbon to match a different brand or different model. We have ready stock for barcode printer ribbon up to 30 sizes. And we also accept customize barcode printer ribbon order.

Picking the Right Malaysia Barcode Printer Ribbon

When you are using a sticker label printing machine for your business, you will also need a Malaysia barcode printer ribbon. There are different types of printer ribbons available and picking the right one is important. However, it can be confusing unless your sticker label printing machine states what ribbon you need to use. If it does not specify what type of ribbon you should be using, you will need to decide what the best option is for your business.

Thermal Transfer Wax Ribbon

Thermal transfer wax ribbon is one of the most used types of ribbon that is used for sticker printing. This type of ribbon is not thermally coated, so it is not heated to the same temperatures that direct thermal ribbons need to be. This means that media is transferred on the ribbon in a shorter amount of time. With the media being printed on the label and then melted to it, the printing is heat, moisture, and rub proof. This is why this printing method is used by many sticker label printing machines.

Direct Thermal Media

Direct thermal is still used today, but it is rarer and more costly because it does not use ink or ribbons to print. The media that is used is coated in a very heat-sensitive layer, which changes colour when exposed to the heated print head of the printer. This print head will heat up and cool down as it is printing the design. This can take a long time, depending on the printer that you are using. However, this printing method is not recommended, especially if the sticker is going to be placed on an item that is going to be in the sunlight or near heat. Both heat and sunlight can cause the colours to change in the design.

Wax or Resin Ribbon

When you are looking to buy ribbon, you have the option to select the type of material that the ribbon is made from. Paper or Wax ribbon is the most commonly used material because of its lower cost and ease of use. It works well for most applications, except in areas where there are high levels of moisture. They can also be damaged with water if they are not coated with a waterproofing agent. They are a very efficient option for many indoor applications and for shipping.

Polyester or resin ribbon is the most durable material that you can use, but it will cost you more. It is the best option for extreme environments. This type of label material is mostly used on chemical bottles and packaging where paper would be damaged. Many label printing machines do not have settings for polyester labels, so you should check before ordering these labels.

There are many options for Malaysia barcode printer ribbon, so the best option will depend on the system that you are using and what the labels are being used for. If you are not sure what ribbon you should be using, your sticker label printing machine should have a list of ribbons and materials that can be used included. 

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