Different Type of Barcode Scanner in Malaysia
Different Type of Barcode Scanner in Malaysia

Different Types of Barcode Scanners in Malaysia


For a business to gain an edge over others, it needs to be in the race and lead in it too. Digitalization is everywhere, and inventory management tools are a great asset for every business. While talking about inventory management, the barcode scanner is a vital tool to help your business in Malaysia effectively. However, there are plenty of brands and types of scanners available for you to pick for your use. Let us check them out:




Laser Barcode Scanners


This is the most common barcode reader, which you see in malls and many retail outlets. There is a standard range of lasers and long-range lasers of the barcode scanner available. It is either handheld or mounted, and it shoots out at a mirror inside this scanner. The mirror further reflects this laser beam as you position it over the product up and down. The photodiode in this scanner reads the print, which has just become visible on the barcode.



Pen-style Barcode Scanners


This barcode reader looks like a pen attached to a cord. The tip of the pen has an LED photodiode. When you scan over the product’s barcode, the LED lights up. The photodiode takes a reading of the barcode and transcribes this information. You must take care while scanning with this type of barcode reader.



Camera-styled Barcode Scanner


Using the video camera that is inside this scanner, you take a snap of the barcode of the product. Further to that, the barcode scanner reads the barcode data. It is ideal for those sectors where there are plenty of products waiting for scanning daily, and it takes very little time to scan and read.



Charge Coupled Device Barcode Reader


It has tiny LED lights arranged in it, and it emits lasers on the barcode of the product. It is one of the most sought-after products in the retail and across hotels and restaurants. The only catch is to hold them tactfully, within 3 inches. Then after, your barcode scanner can read the information.


Thankfully, today, these different types of scanners and readers of barcodes are available. They have been a vital element in POS applications and in all the sectors globally. However, the business heads have the option of choosing from cordless or table mounted barcode reader. This is depending on their nature and speed or volume of products they need to scan.



2D Barcode



Barcode Type: 1D Barcode Vs. 2D Barcode


If you have just started your restaurant or retail outlet business in Malaysia, chances are you will be looking for top quality POS software. From QR Barcode scanner to cash drawers, to barcode printers- you can get them all from reputed stores like RedZone Solution.


Now if you check out the barcode scanners, you will come across products, specifically for 1D Barcode and 2D Barcode. What are these 1D and 2D Barcodes and why should you know about them, let’s see.


Differences between 1D Barcode and 2D Barcode


Basic Function


  • 1D Barcode: These are the regular barcodes, and to read it, you need to hold the barcode scanner over the product. These comprise of lines and digits or characters up to 15 characters in this barcode. You can buy any of the regular barcode scanners to use them from a maximum distance of 24 inches to allow it to read.


  • 2D Barcodes: These are the QR Codes, and they comprise of a chaotic assortment of dots and geometric lines to create an image. You will need QR Barcode scanner, or 2D Barcode scanner to read these codes. There are plenty of advantages of having QR codes since they carry a lot of information about the product and not just the price or the batch codes alone. They contain and reveal data from audio, digits, and in any form. You can get to scan these QR codes with 2D barcode scanner, and just as you would do for the regular bar codes. Many scanners work as both 1D Scanner and 2D scanner too. You can invest in this if you deal with both types of barcodes.


Scanning Devices


  • 1D Barcode Scanning: You can scan 1D barcodes with specific laser scanners.


  • 2D Barcode Scanning: You will need 2D Barcode scanner or imager to scan. There are mobile apps too for scanning these codes.


Information to Encode


  • 1D Barcode Scanning: 1D Barcodes cannot provide with a lot of product information. You can even put the flexible pricing of the products on the packaging.


  • 2D Barcode Scanning: Sectors like pharmaceuticals, where the data or product related information is more and require space, then go for QR Codes.


Take time to check out the best and the most practical solutions for scanning your products. Only after confirming the purposes, make this investment on QR Barcode scanner or 1D scanner.




Types of Barcode scanner Scanning Technology: CCD, Laser, Imager Scanner


A business in the present time has to adapt to technology with great agility. Only with technology, a company can proceed in its operations with ease. So, entrepreneurs are now checking out various tools, for the day-to-day operations. The POS applications to fall in a vital technology category because it has helped not just accounting and maintaining the cash register but even enabled inventory management. Today, there are plenty of barcode scanner tools available in the market.


Getting them from stores like RedZone Solution from Malaysia is easy since there you can get the most diverse range of products. But did you know there were types of 2D barcode scanner tools for you to choose for your business? Many people are unaware of the types and how each is going to sort your industry-specific requirement.


Types of Barcode Scanner Technology


  • CCD Scanner: CCD or Charged Coupled Device has tiny CCD Sensors in its linear imager. The LED bulbs in these sensors are in a single row that light up the barcode. The device takes an image of the pixels on the barcode. Unfortunately, it cannot read longer barcodes or codes with more than 20 characters. These are ideal for harsh working conditions.


  • Laser Scanner: The laser scanners reflect a laser beam off the barcode. The laser beam sweeps top to bottom in a pattern. As the beam reflects from the sensors of this laser device, you will be able to read the barcode.


  • Imager Scanner: This 2D Barcode Scanner works as cameras to take screenshots of entire images and not just pixels or patterns. Modern-day smartphones carry these scanners and can scan the QR Codes. The imager works where the lasers or linear scanners do not work.



Choose the Best One Meeting Your Business Needs


Laser scanners are ideal for use in reading barcodes from a long-range, unlike the CCD scanners. Talking about CCD Scanners, you will find them to be more durable than the other types of the barcode scanner.


You cannot read barcodes on screens or monitors using Laser or CCD Scanners. Instead, you will need to use the imager scanners for the same. More than all, make sure that your barcode scanner is compatible with the rest of the software that you are already using for your business. If you are visiting a store like RedZone Solution, you will get adequate guidance regarding the same before you make the purchase.




Connect With The Right Barcode Scanner Connection Type: Wired, Wireless, and Bluetooth


Businesses always look forward to staying ahead of their market. In Malaysia, for a company to prosper, one has to ensure there is no lack of efforts in adopting the technology. Modern business POS applications are great technology tools that are more than just for taking care of cash and payment. We need to consider many aspects of the POS to consider and here visiting the famous store of RedZone Solution come to play. The store is a pioneer in offering scanners, printers, and more. They specialize in branded wireless barcode scanner and reader.


Now your products are ready to leave the production unit and head out to the distribution centers. It is time for you to get the latest cordless barcode scanner or Bluetooth ones. However, if you are not sure of the differences of these barcode scanners, read on.



Wired Barcode Scanner


From CCD to linear scanners, you can get it all for the retail counters. The wired barcode scanner is excellent for the high-speed and heavy volume of product scanning. These handheld scanners are also available wireless for your convenience.



Wireless Barcode Scanner


Those aiming for cordless barcode scanner can look out for the same with this. The product can get the scanning via Bluetooth technology or use radio frequencies for scanning. Where in the case of wired scanners, you will need to take the products to the scanner, in case of cordless ones, it is vice versa. You can use it for scanning products across your warehouse with ease. Some have an extended range of 200ft. You can integrate this scanner with an Apple or Android device.



Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


It is more or less similar to the wired barcode scanner in terms of range. However, these Bluetooth barcode scanners will need to be near your mobile device with which you pair it for operation. The barcode scanner can use the Bluetooth for scanning 1D or 2D barcodes with ease. However, you can even look out for cordless or wireless barcode scanner with Bluetooth for your workstation for more mobility.



Select the Best One for Your Business


It all depends on your business needs and whether you wish to scan the products only at checkout point or POS points or not. If your fundamental purpose is for labeling then going for cordless or Bluetooth ones will be a significant investment.






Grab the Latest in Handheld Barcode Scanner, Desktop Barcode Scanner, Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner, Ring Barcode Scanner


Barcode scanners need no introduction to a business head. Whether it is for labeling and putting in information on these labels or for keeping track of the inventory, barcode scanners are essential. You can check out a variety of scanners in the market today like the 1D Barcode scanners, CCD scanners, or Bluetooth scanners. If you are looking for the latest in this technology, you can check them out with the allied software and hardware support from companies like Malaysia-based company Red Zone Solution. You can get the best desktop barcode scanner and other variants from here.



Know the Best Barcode Scanners


Every business has its requirement for barcode scanners. Inventory management requires a typical style of scanners. Retail outlets or cafes and bookstores use another type of scanner. Knowing the most optimum scanners for your business will save you a lot of money and effort. We all know how every penny works and so take care to choose and invest right. Let us check out a few barcode scanners that mean a lot for those businesses which require mobility and those which do not.




Desktop Barcode Scanner


These are the regular barcode scanners, and you need to install it in your desktop for managing the products with the stock. Then it will be able to manage your inventory as the product moves down the checkout aisle.



Fixed-Mount barcode Scanner


This Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner is ideal for the massive volume of products. It is also common and when the professional comes to install the software to your desktop will mount it on the table where the packages will check out. It is fixed and even hands-free. Mostly, the Fixed mount barcode scanner works by taking photographs or videos.



Ring Barcode Scanner


The Ring Barcode Scanner is excellent for scanning with Bluetooth connection. You can even run it on Android or other OS. It is small, and though you can work with its hands-free, you will need Bluetooth connectivity. You will need to pair it with the Bluetooth barcode scanner of the device to let it scan.


With this plethora of barcode scanners flooding the market, the customers like you are on cloud nine. You can check these basic three types of scanners and use them based on their functionality and your business needs. If you are unsure about the ones for your business, consult the professionals at Red Zone Solution in Malaysia for the same.





Differences Between General Usage Barcode scanner And Industrial Barcode Scanner


Now that you are set to start your manufacturing unit, you are also prepping up on the stock and the tools you need. Did you invest in quality handheld barcode scanner? Many entrepreneurs may turn down this question stating that it is not of use immediately. However, the fact is, the moment you start giving an SKU to the product and line it up for dispatch, you have to start with the barcode scanners and such tools.


If you are in Malaysia, you have help in hand. You can select from the full range of barcode scanners at Red Zone Solution. The store has a great variety of barcode scanners and printers that have made labeling, inventory management, and dispatch to seem like a breeze. However, it is necessary for you to know the fundamental difference between general barcode scanners and industrial barcode scanner.



General Barcode Scanner


If you are running a bookstore or a small shop of fashionable clothes or even a chain of retail outlets, you will need these general use ones. They can be put to use for creating linear barcodes for the 1D imaging and setting barcodes. They are also ideal for scanning QR codes and other modern images that help in clarifying the products.


You can use the handheld barcode scanner with Bluetooth or in wired forms as per your mobility. You can even go for the fixed mount barcode scanners just so that you can manage the massive volume of products in the inventory and in the dispatch pipeline.



Industrial Barcode Scanner


While selecting the barcode scanners for your heavy-duty industrial area, look for durability factor. Not all scanners have that durability to withstand grime, dust, extreme temperatures, and substantial volume too. So, make sure to check the brands that specially design these industrial barcode scanners and invest in them for your factory. Whether you are looking for your manufacturing unit or distribution unit, you will need to look out for these with care.


You may go for the 2D barcode scanner or the QR scanners as per your product requirement. You will also get the option of going for wired or wireless ones. It all depends on the size of your product and whether you will prefer a handsfree option itself.


Check these aspects while selecting the handheld scanners or the industrial barcode scanner from Red Zone Solution. Specify your industry to the professionals, and they will guide your right.




Brand of Barcode Scanner :

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Newland Barcode Scanner

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Symbol Barcode Scanner

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