RedTech 9500 Wireless Barcode Scanner- IP54 Industrial Grade | Malaysia Barcode Reader | Cordless Scanner
RedTech 9500 Wireless Barcode Scanner- IP54 Industrial Grade
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RedTech 9500 Wireless Barcode Scanner- IP54 Industrial Grade

- Stronger Decode Capability 32 bit: upgrade to 32-bit Decoder, plug-and-play allow novice and advanced users to process items more rapidly and spend less time keying in data.

- Resistance to 6 ft./ 1.8m drops and IP54: the ability to survive 6 ft./ 1.8m drops to concrete - and IP54 sealing, ensuring reliable operation in spite of everyday spills, drops and bumps.

- Long comunication distance 400m: in open air, wireless transmission range is up to 400m. Advanced high-performance laser engine, reliable wireless transmission.

- Storage capacity: allow 60 thousands of codes to be stored in memory,ensure reliable data collection when out-of-range from the base station.

- 50 hours working time after full charged: Integrated 1400mAh Li-Ion battery. Automatically turn off within set time (user can set the resting time)and it can wake up by scanning key.

- One base can support 99 scanners

- Plug and play,one key to match base and scanner


Specification :

Functionality Item Performance Parameter
Sealing IP54 (water and dust resistant)
Resolution 5mil, optional 3mil
Type of illuminant 650nm laser
Safety performance Meet the Grade II National Criteria for Laser Safety
Use type Hand-held/Wireless
Alert Mode Indicator and Buzzer
Reading speed 150 times/second
Bit error rate (BER) 1/5 million
Built-in Storage 1M byte (can storage 60 thousands commodity bar codes)
Communication 433MHz automatic wireless set channel
Radio Range 400m Visual Range
Barcode types UPC-A, UPC-E,EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-ISBN/ISSN, Code 39, Code 39(Full ASCII), Indus
trial 2 of 5,Interleave 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,Codabar, Code 128,Code 93,Code 11 MSI/Ple
ssey, UK/Plessey, UCC/EAN 128, China Post Code,GS1 Data Bar (formerly RSS) etc.
Supported interfaces USB, RS232, PS2 keyboard, USB-COM
Scanning method Manual, Continuous Scanning
Print Contrast 20% minimum reflective difference
Reading angle of elevation 60°
Reading angle of dip 45°
Operating temperature 0°C - 45°C
Storage temperature -40°C - 60°C
Relative Humidity 5% - 90% (non condensing)
Power voltage DC 5V±5%
Current 25mA(Operating mode),90mA(Maximum peak)
Materials ABS+PC/TPU
Shock 1.8m drop on concrete surface
Light intensity Daylight 4000Lux max
Ambient Light Immunity Immune to direct exposure of normal office and factory lighting conditions,
as well as direct exposure to sunlight



Red Tech 9500 Wireless / Cordless Barcode Scanner

Red Tech is known as the leading barcode reader and barcode scanner supplier in Malaysia, that now become very popular to many people. Probably, you have seen barcode scanners in market place, warehouses and any other stores. With this existing scanning device, you cannot just easily track the inventory, but you can also get the accurate information of your inventories.

Inventory management in all types of business is very important. Misplaced inventory of packages or items will always lead to mishandled, misdirected, misplaced and waste of time. You might not want to lose your customers just because of having poor inventory management in your business.

Making use of the right technology to manage the entire transactions in your business is very important. Because it can help you to run your business smoothly and in a more efficient way. Using the Red Tech wireless or cordless barcode device Malaysia can make everything easy and fast.


Unlike the ordinary computer, this Red Tech 9500 wireless or cordless barcode scanner Malaysia can scan data in barcoded items and even records the number to computer. This cordless barcode scanner Malaysia is perfect to use for supermarkets or any other stores checkout counter. It can make use of the infrared connectivity in scanning different items or products with barcodes.

Also, its components involved the lens, light sensor and light source to translate any optical impulses in electronic signals. Once you scanned the code, it can immediately record the information to the PC in a more accurate manner.


Why Choose Red Tech 9500 Wireless Barcode Scanner?

Choosing the best barcode scanner device for your businesses can be very overwhelming, as there are so many models available. Whether you’re in need of barcode scanner device for inventory management, POS purchases, field service operation and other purposes, Red Tech wireless barcode scanner is the best one to choose. It is because this barcode scanner device is known to be one of the most efficient and fastest scanner that usually used in many businesses around the world.

Red Tech 9500 barcode scanner also provides several benefits in your business that you will really enjoy. With the use of this device, you can control inventory and price items in an accurate manner. Having exact information about your inventory can help a lot to save money, as you know the accurate items you received.


Apart from that, the Red Tech wireless barcode scanner use Bluetooth technology or radio frequencies that send the scanned data back to the cradle base stations, attached to the computer via USB, Serial and other connection cables. The great advantage of this Red TECH 9500 wireless barcode scanner is that, it offers you freedom to use the scanner in the inventory rather than having to drag the inventory in the scanner, hence saving resources and more time. Choosing to use this wireless or cordless barcode scanner Malaysia can help you to prevent any hassle and difficulty while scanning items.

So, what are you waiting for? Try to use Red Tech 9500 wireless barcode scanner Malaysia in your business now! 

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