RedTech 9600 Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner-Support Android & iOS
RedTech 9500 Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner-Support Android & iOS (Previous as RedTech 9600)
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- Color : Yellow , Black

- Support Android,MAC,IOS and Windows

- IP54 for industrial use

- Scanning speed: 200 scans/s, high speed scanner 

- With dynamic and fuzzy technology: Poorly printed and damaged barcodes can be easily readed.

1. Stronger Decode Capability 32 bit: upgrade to 32-bit Decoder, plug-and-play allow novice and advanced users to process items more rapidly and spend less time keying in data.
2. Resitance to 6 ft./ 1.8m drops and IP54: the ability to survive 6 ft./ 1.8m drops to concrete - and IP54 sealing, ensuring reliable operation in spite of everyday spills, drops and bumps.
3. Storage capacityallow 60 thousands of codes to be stored in memory,ensure reliable data collection when out-of-range from the base station. 
4. 50 hours working time after full charged: Integrated 1400mAh Li-Ion battery. Automatically turn off within set time (user can set the resting time)and it can wake up by scanning key.
5. Plug and play,one key to match base and scanner


Functionality Item Performance Parameter
Sealing IP54 (water and dust resistant) 
Resolution 0.08mm(5mil)
Type of illuminant 650nm laser
Safety performance          Meet the Grade II National Criteria for Laser Safety
Use type Hand-held/Wireless
Alert Mode Indicator and Buzzer
Reading speed 200 times/second
Bit error rate (BER) 1/5 million
Built-in Storage 1M byte (can storage 60 thousands commodity bar codes)
Communication 3.0 bluetooth
Radio Range max 10m
Barcode types UPC-A, UPC-E,EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-ISBN/ISSN, Code 39, Code 39(Full ASCII), Industrial 2 of 5,Interleave 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,Codabar, Code 128,Code 93,Code 11 MSI/Plessey, UK/Plessey, UCC/EAN 128, China Post Code,GS1 Data Bar (formerly RSS) etc.
Supported interfaces Micro-USB
Scanning method Manual, Continuous Scanning
Print Contrast 20% minimum reflective difference
Reading angle of elevation 60°
Reading angle of dip 45°
Operating temperature  0°C - 45°C 
Storage temperature -40°C - 60°C 
Relative Humidity 5% - 90% (non condensing)
Power voltage DC 5V±5%
Current 25mA(Operating mode),90mA(Maximum peak)
Materials          ABS+PC/TPU
Shock 1.8m drop on concrete surface
Light intensity Daylight 4000Lux max
Ambient Light Immunity Immune to direct exposure of normal office and factory lighting conditions, as well as direct exposure to sunlight


RedTech 9600 Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Barcodes became commercially successful when they were utilized to automate superstore checkout systems. Barcodes that has specific data on specific items are read by scanners, the latest version operated on the emerging Bluetooth technology, is idle in cases where wires and cords create a fuss. With regards to Bluetooth barcode scanners, there is only one product that stands out from the rest; it is the RedTech 9600 Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner that support both iOS and Android.

This state of the art Bluetooth barcode scanner assists in data collection on almost any computer platform over an extensive array of software applications. These amazing scanners are based on the trend of merging high performance as well as futuristic design. This can communicate to diverse devices that range from barcode printers, PDAs, computers as well as cellphones that have taken scanning to a higher level. This scanner connects to its base station and adding more to the convenience. Just one time settings are to be made through scanning set-up barcodes and the rest is all completed by synchronising to the base. This has the tendency to get and decode multiple entries within seconds of each other.


RedTech 9600 Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Essential Features

The state of the art RedTech 9600 laser Bluetooth barcode scanner is equipped with essential features making it the best and the most reliable laser Bluetooth barcode scanner at this point in time.

  • Powerful Decode Ability 32 bit: Advanced to 32 bit decoder, and the plug and play feature allows newbie and professional users to process products faster as well as spend less time in keying data.
  • Resistance to six feet or 1.8 meter drops as well as IP54: The capability to withstand six feet or 1.8 meter drips as well as IP5 sealing, making sure dependable operation regardless of daily spills, bumps as well as drops.
  • Storage Capacity:  The new and latest RedTech 9600 Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner allows over sixty thousands of codes to be kept in memory, making sure reliable collection of data once out-of-range from base station.
  • Almost Fifty Hours of Working Time when Full Charged: This amazing barcode scanner is incorporated 1400mAh batter. Instantly switch off within set time. Users could set the resting time as well as can wake up through scanning key.
  • Plug and play feature allows one key to go along the base as well as scanner.


The Many Benefits of RedTech 9600 Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner that support both iOS and Android. The advanced and highly developed laser Bluetooth barcode scanner offers many benefits that take account of the following

  • It support iOS, Windows, Mac as well as Android
  • IP54 is intended for business and industrial application
  • Scanning speed of 200 scans/s and extremely high speed scanner 
  • This barcode scanner is equipped with dynamic as well as fuzzy technology. So, it can read poorly printed as well as damaged barcodes easily and effortlessly.

All in all RedTech 9600 Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is the device you need to consider if you are searching for high quality and reliable laser Bluetooth barcode scanner. 

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