GeneralScan GS M300BT-Pro CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
GeneralScan GS M300BT-Pro CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
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GeneralScan GS M300BT-Pro CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


Generalscan companion barcode scanner GS M300BT-Pro is a small size, high performance, 1D barcode bluetooth scanner. It can install on the back of mobile phone case, make mobile phone as professional barcode terminal. It can connect mobile phone with bluetooth and scan barcode into mobile phone.GS M300BT-Pro can connect like IPhone,IPad and other Android smart phone and pad.


GS M300BT-Pro have two types bluetooth interface, one is HID and another is SPP .With HID mode, it can connect with iOS and Android device like external bluetooth keyboard. It is no need any third party software or driver installed on your mobile device.



Another type is SPP mode. User only need simple install Generalscan Keyboard apps, then your application can get barcode scanner data into your apps. You do not need care about complex Bluetooth programming technic any more.



GS M300BT-Pro provides two accessories .One is mobile phone adapter. This adapter can stick on the back of your mobile phone protection case with 3M adhesive tape. You can attach GS M300BT-Pro barcode scanner on the adapter.



Another is handheld adapter. You can plug the GS M300BT-Pro input handheld adapter via Micro USB plug mount in the handheld adapter. There is 800 mAh rechargeable battery in the hand holder, it can provide enough power supply for GS M300BT-Pro.



On the end of handheld adapter, there is standard RJ45-USB cable for you connect with PC. This cable can recharge for GS M300BT-Pro and transfer data to PC.

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