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GeneralScan GS WT1000 Smart Wearable Data Terminal
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GeneralScan GS WT1000 Smart Wearable Data Terminal


GS-WT1000 smart wearable data terminal is specially designed for picking and sorting application .It can give your workers advanced mobile computing and scanning technology when they can wear with Generalscan smart wearable Android data terminal .It integrates with wearable armband, ring barcode scanner, smartphone battery charger, data communication function into one device .The ergonomic hand-free wearable design with patented rotation platform will make you easily operate with your Apps.


GS WT1000 smart wearable data terminal equips with interchangeable 3100 mAh battery ,it can provide enough power to ring barcode scanner and smart charge function to Android smartphone for a whole day working .The battery is compatible with Samsung Note2 android smartphone ,you will never need to purchase expensive battery accessory like out-of-date PDA .Replaceable rotation platform design make you easily change high cost effective or high performance Android smartphone, you never be bind with out-of-date Win-CE PDA in whole life .




GS WT1000 smart wearable data terminal can make your workers keep their hands and eyes on the materials when they are handling and capture barcode on the fly with ring barcode scanner ,You can easily do work with one person for picking ,sorting ,labeling ,weighting and shipping .




Comfortable and breathe freely design for armband, you will feel better even in hot temperature environment. The total armband weight with built-in battery only has 275g. With a hands-free design and ergonomics that provide unparalleled user comfort, your workers hands are always free and ready to pick package.




GS WT1000 smart wearable data terminal equips Android USB accessory technology, it can be connected with all kinds of Android smartphone with USB cable. You can easily upgrade the smart phone when you want .Rubber protective case can give smartphone overall protection .Android powerful voice function can empower worker who are scanning ,picking and sorting in high volume to achieve high efficiency and accuracy. You even have optional waterproof protective case to choose.



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