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RedTech D650 Fixed Mount On Screen 2D Barcode Reader
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RedTech D650 Fixed Mount On Screen 2D Barcode Reader

Business and organizations which sell goods through a store will require having the best tool so as to successfully charge clients for their procurements. While it is important to have a cash register it’s also important to utilize barcode scanners as these could seriously speed up the process of purchasing. When you are utilizing these barcode scanners in your business, you’ll find that your workers on the cash registers are capable of quickly scanning items and charge the client prior to moving onto the next. When you’re thinking about introducing barcode scanners to your business, then you have to consider the RedTech D650 Fixed Mount on Screen 2D Barcode Reader.


RedTech D650 Fixed Mount on Screen 2D Barcode Reader

The RedTech D650 Fixed Mount on Screen 2D Barcode reader can be utilizes at production like or point of sake to decode and scan linear 1D or one-dimensional, 2D or two dimensional barcodes. The laser generates lines of light in omnidirectional outline to scan barcodes on cellphone screens or label at diverse stages. The trigger could be utilized to scan barcodes through hand rather than automatically. This has processor to decode barcodes. The footprint of this barcode reader makes it appropriate for tight and small spaces. It could withstand drops on a concrete floor as well as ideal for use with any software.

Product Features

This state of the art RedTech D650 Fixed Mount on Screen Barcode Reader comes equipped with essential features such as:

  • Fixed mount on screen barcode reader that could be utilized to scan linear one dimensional and two dimensional barcodes, appropriate for dense and small barcodes.
  • Laser generates lines of light in an omni-directional outline to scan barcodes on cellphone screens and label at diverse angles.
  • Cable as well as on board interfaces could be utilized to connect this barcode reader to host system or a computer.
  • It has processor intended to decode barcodes


The advanced and most sought after RedTech D650 fixed mount on screen barcode scanner has offers many advantages such as:

  • Object auto sense
  • Super large field of view
  • Omni Directional ready for one dimensional and two dimensional barcodes
  • It can read barcode on screen even when there is no backlight from cellphone
  • Multiple language message transfer
  • USB interface and Build in RS232


In general, if you are looking for a reliable barcode scanner to use in your office or store, then the RedTech D650 Fixed Mount on Screen barcode scanner is indeed the best option. What makes this barcode scanner apart from the rest is the fact that it has 752 by 489 pixels. 6500K LED light source and has a field view of 115 degree by 90 degree and comes with 20 percent minimum reflective difference in print contrast. What is more, this scanner is very lightweight compared to other items on hand today. On the other hand, this equipment is expensive compared to other types of scanners.


Product features

  • Object Auto Sense
  • Omni Directional Reading for all 1D/2D Barcodes
  • Super Large Field of View
  • Can Read Rarcode on Screen Even Without Backlight From Cellphone
  • Multiple Language Barcode Message Transfer

  • Build in RS232 and USB Interface

Symbology Decode Capability


UPC,EAN,Code128,Code39,Code39,Code11,Matrix 2 of 5,Interleaved 2 of 5 ,Codabar,Interleaved 2 of 5,Mis plessey,GSI DataBar,China Postal,Korean Postal,etc.


PDF417,MicroPDF417,Data Matrix,Maxicode,QR Code,MicroQR,Aztec,Hanxin,ect.

Decode Ranges



Performance may be impacted by bar code quality and environmental conditions

Performance Characteristics

Image(Pixels):752 pixels(H)X 480 pixels(V)

Light Source: Illumination: 6500K LED
Field of View: 115° (H) x 90° (V)
Roll/Pitch/Yaw: 360°, ±65°, ±60°

Print Contrast: 20% minimum reflective difference

Interfaces Supported:USB,RS232

Dimensions:67mm x 67mm x 35mm

Voltage:5 VDC
Current:220mA (Operating)

User Enveronment

Operating Temperature:0℃ to 50 ℃

Storage Temperature:-40℃ to 70℃

Humidity:0% to 95% relative humidity,non-condensing

Shock Specifications:Designed to withstand 1.5m(5’)drops

Ambient Light Lmmunity:100,000 Lux.

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