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Ring Scanner | Barcode Scanner
Ring Scanner | Barcode Scanner
Ring Scanner | Barcode Scanner

Ring Barcode Scanner

One of the basic means to stay competitive in business especially when engage in the trade of numerous goods and commodities is the use of barcode technology.  Barcode technology solutions can help streamline the inventory process and speed up the facilitation of point of sale system in a retail business.  As part of the continuous evolution of technology, the ring barcode scanner has been developed to improve convenience and comfort of users in scanning products.  A ring barcode scanner is wearable wireless barcode scanner that is worn like a finger ring.  And you operate this wireless scanner like Green Lantern by simply aiming the scanner to the barcode of the products.  Because it often uses Bluetooth technology, a ring barcode scanner is also a Bluetooth scanner.



Benefits of Ring Barcode Scanner

Hands-free scanning.   One of the major advantages of a ring barcode scanner is hands-free operation which makes it ideal for workers who scan while operating on mobile devices at the same time.  Because it is hands free, it allows workers to multi task thereby increasing employee productivity.  By freeing you two hands from doing a single job of scanning, a hands-free ring barcode scanner allows you to make use of your hands for other tasks or work such as packing products, handling products, carrying or picking products or even making a sale. 


Work Flexibility.  Wireless scanners like Bluetooth scanner allows for employee and work flexibility which can drastically improve productivity.  Take for instance the need to scan 200 boxes of goods.  Without a wireless barcode scanner, you need to carry all the boxes to the designated area where they can be scanned.  However, with a ring barcode scanner, you simply need to bring your scanner to the current storage place of the boxes, which is a lot more convenient and easier.  This will significantly save your company cost related to handling, labor and even storage, among many others.


Improved Environmental Awareness. When scanning commodities, employees have to concentrate on their work because they need to aim the scanners on the product barcodes.  With a ring scanner however, the sensitivity of the scanner in reading codes is stronger. Wireless barcode scanners and Bluetooth barcode scanner are designed with superior scanning performance.  It is able to read poor quality or damage barcodes. They are even and forbearing on motion and fast decode speeds.  It can scan products as fast as you can move your fingers without hanging.  Moreover, the scanner is also very light.  The scanning work becomes as easy as one two three.  Because of this, workers are afforded to be more engaged on their surroundings or environment thus improving safety issues, preventing potential accidents and improving employee satisfaction.


Faster and more accurate work flow. Because of the efficiency of scanning, hands free work and improved situation awareness of employees, a ring barcode scanner cannot facilitate faster and more accurate workflow operations. And of course, the faster the workflow, the more work achieved and completed in the shorter span of time, the more productive the workers, the greater the potential earnings a company can generate.


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