5 Reason To Use SQL Account - Malaysia Best Accounting Software
5 Reason To Use SQL Account - Malaysia Best Accounting Software

SQL Account - GST Accounting Software





Complate Accounting & Invoicing Software Just FITS YOURS BUINESS : Complate Introduction of SQL Account– GST Accounting Software


Are you looking for GST-ready accounting software? Then you should consider the SQL Account. It has all the features that you need to make your accounting and bookkeeping staff more efficient.


By using SQL Account, you streamline your back office. There is less time spent waiting for data from other departments. It helps organise the finances and monitors all the purchases, collections, and sales. You can also use it to generate reports through its analytic tool.




Benefits of Using the SQL Account



Improve Productivity

Your back office staff will get more work done with the use of the accounting software. They become more productive through real-time posting. SQL Account provides a wide range of business modules that can be integrated into the system seamlessly. It features an Open Period solution that allows the storage of years of data to be used for decision-making analysis.


The accounting software also allows users to generate business reports through a user-friendly dashboard. Moreover, it can scale according to the growth of your business. You can easily add or reduce the number of users through its strong client-server architecture.



Customise to Suit Your Business


You can customise the SQL Account according to how you want to use it. That way it will make your work more efficient and simpler. It allows you to create fields and other elements through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.


Another feature of the accounting software is its customised business reports. You can create, edit, and save reports in the way you want to present it. All the personalisation you made with the software can be deployed to all the users via the Account Control Centre.



Safe and Secure


There’s no need to worry about the security of your data when you use SQL Account. Only authorised users have access to the data. You can secure it by providing different levels of authentications for users. You can do a system backup without the need of shutting down the software. Users can still use the software even when you are backing up the data.



Develop and Connect


You can easily develop client apps with Estream SQL SDK, which is an app allows you to open SQL Account records. It supports various programming languages that include VBScript, Delphi, ASP, and Javascript. If you don’t have a background in programming, you can hire a programmer to do it for you.








SQL Cloud Accounting Software






SQL Account is fast, stable and rich with features. SQL accounting software price is affordable, and it already comes with six core modules, which are Customer, Stock, Purchase, Sales, Supplier, and Customer. The best thing about the accounting software is that it is GST ready. It has a certification from the Royal Malaysia Customs Department.


You don’t need to use any other software for your financial needs, as long as you use SQL Account. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require a powerful desktop or laptop. However, it does require a constant connection to the internet so that you can use the SQL Remote Desktop. 






Most Friendly Usage Accounting Software - SQL Account


Do you fear numbers? People actually fear Accounting. Traditionally, it is supposed to be too complex, and often business owners hire experts even for the simplest tasks. With time, this could eat your profits. Worry not, we are in the 21st century, you don’t need expert training in accounting for some basic tasks. Not even a degree or diploma. All that is needed is a small investment in accounting software.


However, not all accounting programs are suitable for beginners or technical users. Some will make you flustered and frustrated. Others like the SQL Account Software, are friendly –easy to use like 1, 2, and 3. Already, sales and customer reviews of the program, are positive.



Who Can Use the SQL Account Program?


SQL Account Software is created for professional users such as accounting firms. Also, some of its features are suitable for use by non-technical users, wanting to stay on top of their private accounting.  Customers are saying good things about it, and here is why:



SQL Accounting Tutorial / Training


Users receive extensive training on how to use the program. You are made aware of all the features, the hardware required and more. Training is factored into the price, and no extra payments are needed. Complete video and soft copy guides are also offered online. With sufficient practice, you can start using the software like a pro quickly. The tutorial material acts as a future reference in case you forget how to use a specific feature.  


In today’s world, you cannot afford to waste any time. The SQL Accounting Tutorial saves you even second, leaving you to focus on expanding the business. Note that acquiring proficiency in software use isn’t too easy. Some effort and patience on your part are necessary. 



SQL Account Stay Paper Free


Recording of receipts and transactions in files is traditional. Paper filing is a huge inconvenience because you cannot retrieve information quickly. The filing process is time-consuming. Furthermore, an investment in storage space and office equipment is expensive.


SQL Account Software solves each problem. You don’t need files since everything is stored on the computer. Information is secure and easily retrievable. Last but not least, time is saved, and convenience guaranteed. 



SQL Account with GST Certification


All businesses in Malaysia, India, and other countries in the region must be Goods and Service Tax (GST) compliant. The SQL Accounting System is GST certified making it suitable for use across all businesses. Whether you are a small business handling your accounts, big corporation, or accounting firm, this software puts all your worries at rest.



Supports Professional Cloud-Based Accounting


Are you a professional accountant? The software contains all the features required to run a professional based accounting service. You will get a spectacular return for your money, as you run a legit business.



SQL Account with 1000 Reports Templates


All users can take advantage of numerous ready-made templates for generating financial reports. The program will come up with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports as per your requirements.



SQL Account are User-Friendly and Value for Your Money


With great features such as SQL Account user manual and tutorials, this software is a safe bet. It will benefit all users regardless of skill level. It is moderately priced and will help you to drive your business forward.






SQL Account





SQL Account - Your Power Full GST Software : Introducing the SQL Accounting Software- For the Most Stable GST Reports in Market



Are you struggling to find the best GST accounting software? Look no further because today I introduce you to the best GST accounting software that will change your financial reporting instantly, to meet the GST accounting requirements. The SQL accounting software offers the best and most stable GST reporting in the market. Every business wants a financial reporting system that summarises all the business aspects and presents them within the set guidelines, and therefore once you start using SQL accounting software, you will be able to meet the expectations easily.


Accountants will conduct stressing activities trying to put together the figures so as to get a stable report that can be presented to the stakeholder. If you are struggling to get clear accounts from your staff, all they need to use is the SQL accounting software. The SQL account software download is free online, and therefore, anyone can download and start to use the software for stable reports. Here are some of the features that make SQL Accounting the best GST accounting software.



Comprehensive Accounting Software


The SQL accounting software is more than just a tool that is used in accounting. To begin with, the accounting software has all the modules that are required for financial reporting, and therefore you can be able to use it for comprehensive reporting. This makes the software the best GST accounting software that has the ability to produce the best results in accounting.


Further, the software allows accountants to manage the records by allowing separation of records from each of the departments. This is a good feature since the accountant can be able to produce a report that captures only a specific department. Therefore, it is the best tool that every accountant should have. Whichever report that is needed; it is easy to pull it without having to do additional calculations.



Manage Each of the Stakeholders Easily through the SQL Accounting Software


There are different suppliers and customers that are working with your organisation, and they all need to be served at the same time. Take for example the customers. The SQL accounting software comes with a customer management module that enables the finance managers and accountants to easily keep track and analyse the performance of each customer. Special features such as debt ageing are taken care of using the special ageing feature and also the standard ageing. They are all built in, and therefore this is an experience that takes the accounting system further. There is advanced credit control that allows the accounts department to set the limits for each client. These reports can be downloaded from the system hence reporting is easy.



SQL Account - Easy to Use


The SQL accounting wiki allows the accountants to learn the different aspects of the software and therefore this makes it easy to use. The GUI used is interactive, and therefore there is no need for entering commands. This makes this accounting software the best to use for businesses. SQL accounting software download is available online.


This software has been built with all the features that are essential in accounting and therefore a comprehensive solution to your accounting problems. With a basic understanding of accounts, anyone can use this software. 





SQL Account Payroll





SQL Account Have 1000 Nationwide Support Team : SQL Account Malaysia Proudly Owns a Large Network of Support and Training Teams


If you want the best tools for your business to handle tasks efficiently, you should choose advanced automated software. SQL account is one of the amazing software that businesses can adapt to make accounting activities simple and easy. The SQL account Malaysia is a leading accounting software provider and is a firm that continuously expands day by day. Many customers prefer this over any other alternatives because it is better and versatile in every way.



SQL Account 1000 Nationwide Support Teams


The company prides itself being one of the pioneering providers of SQL account Malaysia. If you buy this automated account and payroll software, you will receive many benefits. One main benefit is that it comes with an SQL accounting report designer. Also, our channels partners operating nationwide are able to provide you assistance at all times. These skilled professionals will help you design the right SQL accounting invoice template for you.


It is also possible to partner up with the firm if you think your organisation has the right experience and qualifications. What it requires to be a channel partner is that the applicants should possess a minimum of 3-year industrial experience and a LCCI higher diploma or something similar. Also, computer knowledge is considered as an extra qualification and will be given higher preference. However, SQL account Malaysia appoints one channel partner for every 100,000 populations.



SQL Account - A Large Nationwide Training Network


One major advantage all the customers of this firm gets is detailed and comprehensive training.  If you have less knowledge of using the SQL accounting report designer, you don’t have to worry at all. These detailed training sessions conducted regularly by a professional and experienced team of trainers will help you greatly. You will definitely be able to handle this accounting and payroll software like an expert in no time. Therefore, choose only SQL account Malaysia if you ever need a good automated software for business.


In addition, these training sessions will teach you how to create a SQL accounting invoice template for your organisation. You will be notified of the training sessions that are held nationwide through the estream calendar. In short, there are basic SQL Accounting System training held in many parts of the nation like Selangor, Kepong Utara, Setapak, Johor, and Punchong. These are conducted in collaboration with the channel partners of SQL account Malaysia. The complete guide provided by trainers will definitely be worth the fee you will be spending on these sessions.


It is true that there are many alternatives for SQL accounting software in the market today. But, you should always ensure that you purchase something that is very worth to the business. The valuable training sessions conducted by experienced trainers are only granted by us. The network of this training sessions as well as the network of channel partners are huge and is expanding gradually. Therefore, SQL account Malaysia should be your top choice when it comes to purchasing an automated accounting software for the business.










50 3rd Party Systems Integrate with SQL Account : The SQL Account Latest Version Lets You Integrate More than 50 3rd Party Systems



The SQL account software is armed with a plethora of management tools; despite that, the tools are still insufficient. In order to make up for this deficiency, multiple types of 3rd party systems can now be integrated to the latest version of SQL Account to help you with back-up, monitoring, and administration. The inherent management tools on the SQL server are undoubtedly robust which includes tools for tracing and performance. However, we still encourage you to take advantage of the third party tools that will make the system more efficient, secured and reliable.



Get an SQL Account Update and Enjoy the Integrated 3rd-Party Systems


In this article, you will realize that the SQL third-party tools are varied. The right third party account software will help you boost your account management beyond the standard functionality that is available in SQL.


Integrating POS Software in your SQL Account Update will help you to create customer database in a convenient manner. You will learn how to analyse sales figure and data. You will be able to have a comprehensive list of your sales history that will help you create a better purchasing decision. Your pricing will also be accurate once you integrate credit card and bar code scanner with the POS software. Some of the POS software that you can integrate with the SQL Account Update includes 2U POS, Cyber POS, My SQL Comlink, One Retail Statin and a whole lot more.



Manufacturing Software


Challenges are emerging constantly in the industry of manufacturing that can hamper the viability and productivity of your company. With the third-party systems that are integrated with the SQL account software, you will be able to enjoy speed, control, and visibility. Manufacturing software such as ProAcc, Globalsion, and Bifrostech will accelerate your preparation and launch of new product. It aims to expedite the diagnostics, inspection, document management, repair, and line set-ups. It will also help you take advantage of the real-time information that is presented through a detailed dashboard. This third party system for the SQL Account Update will refine your decision and business process.



Ecommerce Solution


With the third-party e-commerce integration in your account software, you will have a more scalable and flexible ecommerce solution. The tech structure of WebShaper provides a strong and effective integration that provides an unhampered connection between the account software and your eCommerce Website. It comes with analytic tools that will help you measure the key information about your website. It also highlights additional tools that will amplify the functionality of your website as the trends and technology changes.


Anything that will help you in improving the control and management of your SQL server, especially those that will boost the performance and utilisation will be enjoyed in the SQL Account Latest Version. The third-party software will help you maintain the reliability and safety of your system. Before choosing a tool that you will integrate into your system, be sure to assess your business system and examine the specific information. 




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