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Here at RedZone, we perform a wide variety of solutions to offer you with customized systems for barcode scanning, handling and accessing information and data, anytime, anywhere.

Codesoft Barcode Scanner and Thermal Receipt Printer

When the majority of people think of barcode scanner Malaysia, they imagine of a gun-type scanner, which has a button. These barcode scanners are called as “Hand-held” scanner. These are easy to operate and you can point the scanner right at the code, and simply put the button. These types of bar code readers are programmed at the factory to create a beep sound and shut off the scanning light once it reads the barcode correctly.

With a RedZone barcode scanner in hand, you can rest assured that your employees can get the data, which matters most – as accurately and fast as possible. Whether you need a barcode scanning at your POS, we have a scanner, which is right for your application and environment.

We understand that barcode systems are very useful in any sort of business. The usage of barcodes enhances the accuracy and speed of inventory control. Once every item is tagged along with the barcode, the inventory count becomes a lot easier as the employees need to scan every barcode through handheld inventory barcode scanners.

Our barcode printer Malaysia offers speed and accuracy. Being the most efficient barcode printers in the market today, our thermal transfer printer can print, individual, single labels instead of by sheet or by batch. One benefit of it is that it does not create any unnecessary extra labels, therefore stopping a waste of printing materials.

Barcode Scanners and Barcode Printers

Barcode scanners and printers provide on-demand, reliable labeling and tracking solutions for your industry. Our thermal transfer printers are accessible in portable systems, which will help you make professional and clear labels, tags and signs made to endure the harshest environments. The barcode scanners here at RedZone are perfect for asset tracking and data collection. Extra tools like label attachment system and laminators are available as well for label and document management.

Industrial, Labels, and Desktop Barcode Scanner / Thermal Receipt Printer

Are you searching for a thermal transfer printer or direct thermal printer? Whether you are printing asset labels, wristbands, and shipping labels, along with a wide selection of printers, we have the ideal barcode printer solutions you require for your application, irrespective of the environment or the size.

Get new smart label printer and print barcode right here! Allow our experienced and helpful team to suggest a barcode printer, which is perfect for your business.

A bar code reader would extremely guide you in keeping order on your database, keeping a good record of the inventory, tracking and monitoring the tracking movement of people and items, and protecting the security and safety of your premises. Such far-reaching benefits of utilizing a barcode reader and smart label printer are simply amazing.

Here at RedZone, we build tracking solutions and technology, which produce actionable insight, information, offering businesses unprecedented visibility to their business by providing physical stuff a digital voice. 

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