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There are varieties of mobile computer & printers available and are convenient depending on what you are looking for. When you are looking forward to print multiple size labels, go for barcode printers that come with a label printer in form of software. The two types of barcode printers include; thermal transfer and direct thermal.

Types of Mobile Computer, Barcode Scanner and their Features

As long as a media fits inside the printer, thermal label printer is the best. They print items such as wristbands and tags among many others. Desk printers are meant for asset labelling with a capacity of about 500 labels in a week while for large volumes, the industrial printers makes the best choice. When you need to print labels in large volumes in a reliable way, get industrial label printers that are designed for this.

Features of Thermal Barcode Printers & Mobile Computer 

With a limited roll capacity and small width prints, when you need a portable printer for your labels, consider the mobile printers. This is very useful when you need to print on the spot. Wristband printers are also common especially in big organisations, morgues, and hospitals. They print logos and images without issues. With their high print resolution, the wristbands are accurately printed.

Best use of Direct Thermal Printers & Barcode Scanner

There are some labels that should have the highest scan ability. They include shipping labels which are best printed by use of direct thermal printers. The result of using these printers can be seen in the print quality. This kind of label machine has to be well taken care of since it is quite sensitive to heat. They should not be exposed to sunlight and heat for long.

Printing Options with Thermal Transfer Barcode Printers

When planning to print labels using papers, polyester, and polypropylene among other materials, thermal transfer printers are the best. What makes this printer great with different types of labels is their scan ability and quality. You are not limited to using black colour as with the ribbon, you can change your print colour. The fact that you do not need to reprint thermal transfer media is what has made these barcode printers quite popular.

Choosing the right datalogic barcode printer Malaysia can be confusing if you have no idea what your specific needs are. You have to know why you need this kind of printer. Consider whether you will be making labels, wristbands or even tags, whether you need a portable or a fixed one. Another thing to consider is the environment that the printer will be placed in. Whether you need to print small volumes of labels or you need a printer that can print the whole day, you will get one for your needs.

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