Difference between Direct Thermal Label & Thermal Transfer Label
Difference between Direct Thermal Label & Thermal Transfer Label

Difference between Direct Thermal Label & Thermal Transfer Label



Barcode label is a convenient way to inform users regarding prices without getting disturbed again and again by the customer inquiring about prices. The prices are attached and pasted on the products already, and the customer can read them to get help. There are two types of technologies used in a barcode labels; one is direct thermal label while the other one is thermal transfer label, now which one should you choose to barcode label your products is the real question. So, here I am telling you all the main difference between Direct Thermal Label & Thermal Transfer Label so you can decide which one you should go with:



Direct Thermal Label



What Is Direct Thermal Label?


Well for direct thermal barcode label a special printer is used in which heat is used to treat the chemicals inside the machine for directly labeling products stock regarding prices and other details. The spots of printing are darkened when printed by using the heat of the printer. Some advantages attached to Direct Thermal Label is that it is a cost-effective yet inexpensive way of labeling products. However, the prints generated or pasted on the products are not forever but just for a temporary time. The duration in which thermal barcode label stays for less than six months, and after that, the prints start to vanish from the screen.




Barcode Labels



What Is Thermal Transfer Label?

Well, another type of technique used for barcode label is called Thermal Transfer Label. Well, it is different than direct thermal label because here you find a permanent label that stays for more time with the products. For this, thermal barcode printers are used in which chemicals are applied on the sheets after melting by heat and then pasted on the products. These prints are glued on the paper instead of just pasting, and therefore they stay for longer periods. Products that you want to remain printed for more than six months, Thermal Transfer barcode label are used there for printing. This is an expensive way of barcode labeling.




Thermal Barcode Label



What is The Difference between Direct Thermal Label and Thermal Transfer Label?


Well, the main difference between both is price. Yes, direct thermal barcode label can be generated in lower amounts; however, their time to stay on the paper is also less. On the other hand, a thermal transfer barcode label is used when you need a print to stay longer than six months, but unlike the previous one, this type of labeling is expensive. Moreover, thermal transfer printing takes time to dry while direct thermal labels are dried faster and can be used immediately after printing.



Barcode Labes



Which One Should I Buy Direct Thermal Label Or Thermal Transfer Label?


Well, the answer to this question is totally up to you because you understand your requirements better. If you want to print prices and products expire before six months, you should go with the direct thermal barcode label. Contrary to this, if you need the prints to stay for long and you have enough money to pay for it, then Thermal Transfer Label is the thing you require.


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