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Epson Receipt Printer


Epson Thermal Receipt Printer & Bluetooth Mobile Printer

A point of sale printer or more referred as POS printer is sought after to majority of businesses. Different companies were able to work with several types of such printer and add some components to the output. Epson thermal printer is one of the options a business enterprise might look when purchasing POS printers. Such printers are developed to automate the business, therefore, reducing the need to file paper documents and other receipts.


History of Epson Receipt Printer

With a lot of receipt printers on the market, it becomes challenging to find that best one that will support your software and give value for money. Thankfully, we have researched a lot and find the best company that has been serving the businesses and homes for the past many years. Have you listened about Epson Receipt Printer? Yes, Epson is an old name in the industry with a long history of printers and technology. With years of experience, this company has enough knowledge of how to bring technology at its best. Now you can print in color with high confidence—even without having to replace ink cartridges. Sounds interesting?

Epson Receipt Printer

Are you interested in learning about the history of Epson receipt printer? If yes, then continue reading this article, and you will get to know about it.

No doubt, Epson receipt printers are quite crucial for all the business owners because no business can run without proper automated and highly computer-generated receipts. The Epson is the world’s largest technology company which is specialized in manufacturing printers and image related equipment. However, having a good quality receipt printer is the hour of need, and that’s why you should have one for yourself. You can find a lot of different Epson receipt printer and choose the best one that suits your needs.


According to the company, they have enough knowledge of manufacturing efficient and precise products that will continue to serve them in the future.  With the continued development of some of the greatest micrmechantronics capabilities for ultra-fine, high-processing precision, this company has a great successful history which depicts its hard work and performance.


World’s First Mini Printer:

Do you know when was the first world’s mini printer was established and introduced? Sept 1968—It was the day when the world’ first mini-printer was introduced. EP-101 is launched from which the brand was later on born and succeed.


Company’s growth:

With hard work and determination of earning a good name, the whole company worked hard, and as a result of in July 1975, Epson was formally established as the next fastest growing generation of printers solely based on the EP-101.


MX-80 Serial Impact Printer:

The company continued to work hard, and as a result, they launched MX-80 serial impact printer which becomes the “de-factor” industry standard for the perfect dot matrix printers.



A terminal module printer was launched in 1990 to use with PC-POS. The model was TM-930 which had taken over the market.

March 1993

Then in March 1993, Epson introduced the Stylus 800—which was the first efficient inkjet printer of that time. It was equipped with MicroPiezo Technology.

May 1994

Then here comes the first advanced 720dpi inkjet printer, Epson launched stylus color printer, and it was a great success for the country.


In 1996, Epson launched six-color, high-quality photo printer which was Epson Stylus Color Photo.


A great achievement for the Epson Company when in 1998 NASA selected their Inkjet printer for STS-95 mission. (Epson Stylus Color 800)


The first hybrid printer was released in 1998—TM-H5000 which features the fast and quick printing.

May 2000

In 2000, the first large-format Stylus Pro 9500 introduced which uses newly developed Colorfast ink to produce extremely top-quality output on sheets.

March 2004

They shifted printing on mobile by launching PictureMate—an extremely portable and easy to use photo printer.


They introduced all-in-one printers for small businesses and offices in 2008.


Then here comes Epson Receipt printer—the company launched TM-T88V-I services of great receipt printers. These are allowing wireless printing from any device.

June 2014

Epson in June 2014, introduced all in one new WorkFoce Series powered by PrecisionCore. These work well for all businesses as its innovative technology and performance go beyond laser.

Sept 2016

In Sept 2016, Epson introduced the new technology in the form of FastFoto high-speed photo scanning system. It helps you preserve the quality of the photo.

Epson Receipt Printer

Apart from promising the eradication of paper receipts, the idea of thermal receipt printer Malaysia brings many changes to the business. It eliminates the need to change the printer ink as often as possible. What a person need to invest to is a thermal printer, which is needed in the process. Epson receipt printer should have seen the need to present your business with a better option.

Here at RedZone, we are equipped with different Epson thermal receipt printer for your individual needs.

Best Epson Receipt Printer & Bluetooth Mobile Printer

In the majority of cases, if you are searching for an Epson receipt printer, you are searching for a thermal receipt printer. If you are looking for the best receipt printer, RedZone recommends the Epson 88V. It is the highest speed receipt printer at the same time has an USB interface port together with a flexible ad unique connect interchangeable interface cards for shifting the interface to parallel, etherent, wi-fi, serial and more. This printer has models, which run on a mass of operating systems, which includes iOS, Android and Windows.


Epson Receipt Printer offers the performance and speed essential to meet the harsh demands of high transaction in POS environment. Epson receipt printers are made to offer you with substantial performance at small price.


Dot matrix receipt printer is perfect for receipt printing, particularly when multipart printing is essential. The impression of printer head could make carbon copies approximately three or more in number of models. This lessens printing costs and offer ease in such cases.


If you are looking for the best thermal label printer, dot matrix receipt printers and Epson thermal printers are the ideal choices for restaurants and retail stores, which demand high volume printing along with one or two color compatibility. Print bar codes, graphics, and logos. If you are in search for a 2-color thermal portable printer with the fastest speeds accessible, the new Epson compact printer is the answer. View our packages for more details.


The decision is yours. Do you prefer to invest on a printer where the ready print is an amazing choice? Or do you prefer a printer, which is good for today and tomorrow? The best thing about Epson thermal receipt printer is that they have a cash drawer port and could connect directly to a cash drawer through a cash drawer cable. Normally, a cash drawer has the same look as a cable, however, is wired in a different way. 


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