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Honeywell YouJie

Youjie Barcode Scanner is the leading company in the production of barcode scanners and barcode readers in Malaysia. Youjie barcode scanner is a branch of Honeywell scanning and mobility which was designed for the mid-low markets in the Asian automatic data acquisition industry. 


The Variety Of Youjie Image Barcode Scanners And Barcode Readers

Their products are designed to efficiently and inexpensively meet the rapid growth requirements of small budget companies while still providing good quality products for them. Youjie barcode scanner produces the most efficient barcode scanner Malaysia has to offer. Youjie specializes in three different types of barcode scanners:

Hands-free Barcode Scanner & Barcode Reader

Hf600 Presentation Area-Imaging Barcode Scanner

With the popularity of 2D barcodes in the 21st century, the need for affordable and functional scanners has become more necessary. It is designed for top performance and multi-application use with a large window that can meet various scanning needs. A super-efficient addition is a button enabling proper 2D barcode scanner on mobile devices. This barcode scanner has been designed to be energy efficient with an infrared activated sleep mode, to save operating costs and extend product use. With the three adjustable lights, 2D scanning with motion tolerance has never been better.

2D Area-Imaging Barcode Scanner

This is the YJ 4600 2D barcode scanner designed for low-mid level 2D imaging markets. It is cost-effective and functional with its support of both presentation and manual modes of scanning. It also had an auto detection and scan feature. The advanced decoding can accurately scan both 2D and 1D codes automatically. It can not only read standard 1D and 2D symbols but can read electronic screen symbols as well.

Handheld Barcode Scanner this comes in 2 varieties

The ZL220 Single-Line Laser Barcode Scanner

It is designed to meet the needs of low to medium class markets such as neighborhood supermarkets or stores, while providing faster, error-free scanning with larger depths of field and scanning angles. The shape is designed for a comfortable hand-fit which makes it possible to use for long periods. The ease of use which does not require any additional installations makes it quite compatible with various office equipment.

YJ 3300 Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner: is compactly designed and built with up to date laser decoding technology for sensitive and fast scanning performance. This barcode scanner reads all standard 1D barcode which is usable globally. This barcode scanner offers top-quality performance and at the lowest prices. It has also been designed with the comfort of the user in mind to reduce the associated fatigue that comes with long-term usage.

Whether the focus is portable handheld barcode scanners or the table top laser scanners, Youjie barcode scanner has been meeting the needs of retailers for years. The Youjie handheld laser barcode scanners have been developed as affordable and functional barcode scanners and as alternatives to CCD scanners. This scanner offers a broad range of applications.

When Youjie Image barcode Scanner Malaysia is utilized by businesses productivity will improve significantly. They are readily available in different parts of the country. YouJie barcode scanners and Barcode reader Malaysia are tailored to meet specific needs and budgets of the different classes. 

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