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iPad POS System Comparison


Promotion of business with no geographical barriers is easily possible with online POS software.

If you are into a business like a restaurant, retail, etc, then it would be difficult to keep the track of all the cash flow, goods available/stock-outs, etc single-handedly. Now, iPad POS system has made this work easy for you, Cloud point of sales have made it easy to track all the details of sales, goods, items needs, etc.

How does it sound to you if the iPad POS system that you have installed can help you with ‘Promotion’ of your business? Yes, that’s right, unlike Storehub, RedTech provides this feature which can enable promotion of your business on a wide geographical scale within few minutes.

Why use the RedTech iPad POS system over Storehub?

•    Offline business to online: The RedTech iPad POS system helps to replicate your offline business into online which is not possible with Storehub POS system.

•    Synchronization of data: With RedTech iPad POS system, the synchronization of offline and online data is easily possible. This data includes information like a customer database, sales information, inventory details, and product information and so on. Consolidated data is provided by this system to help you with easy understandability.

•    Offer strong CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system: RedTech iPad POS system enables to track customer behaviors like their preferences, likes and dislikes etc. This also enables in increasing the conversion rate by helping you introduce more promotional offers and loyalty programs to your customers.

•    Handle many SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) at a time: Now tracking item for inventory has become easier with RedTech iPad POS system. This helps you track the barcodes of multiple items easily thus helping you to keep a close eye on the stocks available.

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Consignments of retail management made easy with sophisticated iPad POS system.

If you are into consignment stores or pawn shops, then probably you understand that the inventories are actually not the property of the business. You usually obtain stocks from other businesses which need to be returned after a certain period of time. In case of large business turnover, it might be a real tough job to handle the correct inventory consignments efficiently all the time. Well, this problem is now solved by the cloud point of sales systems.

Top rated Redtech iPad POS system enables you to track sales to avoid items going out-of-stock and also help you in avoiding selling items that have been taken back.

Redtech online POS software helps you with the below advantages with consignment of items unlike Storehub:

•    Accurate payment calculations: When your consignment store sells an item, an efficient online POS system tracks the payment details automatically. Redtech iPad POS system helps you with this automation leaving no room for errors.

•    Unique inventory item handling: As your consignment business deals with items that belong to others, Redtech cloud point of sales keeps the track of each and every item connecting it with the original owner. Hence, it becomes easy for you to arrange the items in a more organized and specified manner.

•    Quick updating: The inflow and outflow of the consignment items should be recorded efficiently to keep it a transparent business for the dealer and you. Even a minute mistake can hamper business relations very badly. Redtech iPad POS system is technically sound to record all the details of inflow, outflow, and also send notifications to the customers and you syncing the business information in real time.

There are many more advantages that Redtech provides over Storehub for consignment businesses. So, order you Redtech iPad POS system with REDZONE Solution at best deals today!


Offer unlimited items to customers with top rated online POS Software.

Can you imagine an online business where you don’t get a freedom to display all the items that you are dealing with? This would probably lower down you business turnover, isn’t it? The most customized and highly technical iPad POS system can help you with this feature.

Implementing POS system into your business activities actually means that you have made your business go online and let customers check your products at their fingertips. In such scenario, it’s very important that your customers should be able to view each and every product that you have for them.

Storehub offers its customers only limited item view, while on the other hand Redtech online POS software provides unlimited items database. This is a promising feature by Redtech which helps you gain high customer exposure.

Few advantages of unlimited items database are as below:

•    High visibility: You get a huge visibility among your customers as they can view all the details of the products with you.

•    High turnover: The more exposure you get the more business opportunities are introduced which ultimately leads to high turnover.

•    Easy updating: Once you install Redtech iPad POS system you don’t have to turn back to track details of each and every product individually. The online POS software does this job for you saving you a lot of time.

•    Easy payment/refunds: When customers shop online the most important feature that they look for is reliable payment gateway that can be used for online shopping. This goes same for the refund procedure also. Redtech iPad POS system gives the best online payment security to the customers.

Business is all about good customer service and this cannot be achieved until your customers don’t get details of all the products you deal with. No matter how huge your item database is, get your Redtech iPad POS system today with REDZONE Solution and grow your business prospects.


Take deposits and be contented with high amount orders with Deposit Sales feature.

Being a businessman or dealer, doing online transactions for big amount consignments can be a little worrying for you if the payment is not made in advance. Well, this worry can now be eliminated by the Deposit Sales feature offered by Redtech iPad POS System.

The features offered by modern cloud point of sales are highly sophisticated. This enables you to take some deposit amount from the customers in advance before the transaction is completed. Later the system deducts this amount or refunds it back to the customer when the delivery of the order is completed.

This feature is absent with Storehub, hence opting for Redtech online POS system is better to make secure transactions. The deposit sales amount can be paid via – cash, credit card, cheque, and gift certificate and so on. An efficient iPad POS system tracks the exact value of the sales receipt and makes accurate adjustments to the end payments.

Advantages of deposits for your business:

•    Chances of non-payment are minimized: In online business where you provide COD provision to the customers, there are high chances that customers end up refusing to accept the package and not paying for the product. Charging deposits reduce the risk of such last minute cancellations. Hence, the feature of Redtech iPad POS system of charging a small amount as a deposit for high valued items is beneficial for your business security.

•    More customer involvement: Once your customer has made a partial payment, they usually tend to be more vigilant and thus, actively participate in the whole transaction process.

•    Deposits help to cover the subcontracted help: Subcontracted help mainly deals with the package and handling, courier services, etc. If the customer fails to pay the final amount in full, the deposit can be used to pay off the charges for this help.

The feature of Deposit Sales is highly appreciated in the world of online business. So, don’t keep thinking about this, just log in to our website (REDZONE Solution) and order the most reliable and economical iPad POS System – Redtech .


Timely reporting is the key to success of any business.

Analyzing business data in a timely manner is very important for any type of business. Then may you be a restaurant owner, retail business dealer or into any other type of business, accurate and timely reports are important for you to analyze whether the business in the correct track or not.

Redtech iPad POS System helps you to get a prompt, accurate and simplified report which helps you with many business details like –

•    Products that are in high demand.

•    Products which are not gaining customer attention.

•    Total sales achieved.

•    Out-of-stock products.

•    Value of sales.

•    Current inventory.

•    List of promotional offers like – gift coupons, cards, special offers and so on.

•    Customer loyalty statistics and many more.

The cloud point of sales also shows statistics of the various promotional activities and its effectiveness as mentioned below;

•    The effectiveness of promotional activities.

•    The effectiveness of pricing strategies.

•    Comparison of most and least effective items.

•    Sales statistics and efforts by employee and departments.

A top rated online POS system enables the users to get the business report anytime and anywhere. All you need is just a prompt internet connection and a source like android mobile, computer, laptop, tablet, etc. to check the report.

iPad POS System is very beneficial as you can easily determine the growth of your business with the help of the reports generated by this system. You may use the reports generated for the below business needs;

•    Business owners can make wise business decisions related to the personnel, marketing, inventory, and other general operations, etc.

•    Employee and department statistics can be used to analyze the performance of the different sections of the business towards business growth.

•    The effectiveness of pricing decisions can be gauged and further decisions of product promotions can be taken accordingly.

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