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IRS Point of Sales Software - Basic Version POS Software

For small business owners purchasing, and running a point of sales system might seem cost-prohibitive. You may want to continue using a cash register for all your transactions. Alternatively, you may think that the POS system is only for big businesses like supermarkets.


Regardless of the size of your business, installing the system will boost productivity levels; save time; and help you track transactions, taxes, invoices, profits and more. If you have the necessary hardware, (computer, mouse, thermal barcode printer, barcode scanner, etc.), get a quick, robust software to run them.




How to Choose the Best POS System?


Choosing the right software for POS system Malaysia involves asking some questions. The most important question; “Is the system GST complaint?” GST stands for Goods and Service Tax implemented in Malaysia in 2015, it is a value-added tax currently at 6%. That means the customer pays for the price of goods, and an added cost of six percent of the overall transactions.


Business owners must ask: How much am I willing to spend? Buying a point of sales system is a significant undertaking; thus, prepare your budget. Next, consider features for each system. Some POS are internet-enabled; they store data on servers. Others are standalone and use an installed SQL accounting database on the computer.




The IRS Point of Sale Software – Basic Version POS Software


Small businesses in Malaysia, selecting there first POS software should consider the IRS Basic Version. It is GST POS software which ensures that you stay compliant with the government's rule and regulations.


The software guarantees that are all transactions are captured. It allows you to analyse the number of items sold, profits, track remaining inventory, and more. The POS software has accounting features such as the ability to generate tax invoices with daily sales report. 


When using the POS software, you can select the language among three options; English, Chinese and Malay. For inventory tracking, it can handle an unlimited amount of items regardless of the size of the business.


The software can prevent unauthorised access to the cash registers. You do this, by assigning security access controls to the staff using passwords. Staff attendance monitoring is an added functionality of the program.



Should I Install the IRS Point of Sale Software?


If you want to stand out amongst other businesses and scale quickly, consider buying the GST POS software. You will enjoy more benefits like the ability to process credit and debit cards. Recording transactions and managing inventory will be accurate and simplified.


You save the customer’s time, and they keep coming back. For a service business, you can manage numerous customer accounts if you offer credit. Accurate tax reports will save you time and penalties from the government. The retail management software also allows the business owner to reference past transactions.




Bottom Line


Once you purchase the IRS Point of Sale Software, we will install it for free. Our technicians administer training to staff members and the management. They also configure the program, making sure it works will all the peripherals.  Get yours at an excellent price.



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IRS Point of Sales (POS) System



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