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Motorola Symbol DS7708 Omni-directional Desktop Bar Code Scanner 1D & 2D
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Motorola Symbol LS7708 2D Omni-directional Desktop Bar Code Scanner

Symbol LS7708 General Purpose Presentation Scanner

The LS7708 scanner provides quick, accurate scanning, helping users save both time and money. Ideal for presentation and swipe scanning, the device combines the ease of hands-free with the versatility of handheld scanning. Its intuitive design, large scanning window and flexible operation can make check-out faster and more efficient, freeing up employees to focus on customer service. Designed to stand up to the toughest and busiest environments, is scanner is a cost-effective solution for medium- to high-volume retailers.

Features & Benefits :

Rastering scan pattern
Maximizes first-pass read rates and even reads truncated bar codes.

GS1 DataBar decoding
Supports new, GS1 DataBar bar codes to future-proof your investment.

Multi-interface capability
Allows migration to other hosts with the switch of a cable.

Universal cables
Saves money by using one cable across the Motorola product line.

Scan stitching
Improves first-pass read rate and increases productivity.

Electronic article surveillance (EAS)
Eliminates the need to de-activate security tag in a separate step, saving time. 

Remote scanner management (RSM)
Reduces total cost of ownership by enabling remote, network-based device management.

PC programming (123Scan)
Allows for easy programming and set up — ideal for large installations.

Secondary scanner port
Connects to secondary scanner for scanning heavy or oversized merchandise.

Automatic sleep mode
Reduces power demand and increases life of the scanner.


The Best Easy to Use Barcode Scanner

Warehousing and retail outlets need to have equipment that allows faster customer service and that have the capacity to do more within a short time. The most common device that is needed in a warehouse is the barcode scanner. It is used in stocktaking and also in sales. The user experience will depend on the features that the device has. Great features will make the desktop barcode scanner easy to use and therefore the users can achieve more within a short time. One of the best barcode scanners and QR scanners that have good features is the Motorola barcode scanner. Here are some of the advantages of using this scanner.


Fastest Scanning Solution

Being an Omni-directional Desktop Bar Code Scanner, you are able to achieve more within a very short time since you can use the two sides when scanning. Therefore, the process is fast enough, and you don’t experience delays especially when serving customers or when taking stocks in the warehouse. This is the number one feature that makes the Motorola barcode scanner a good solution in warehousing. The device supports fast pass read rates that enable it to be the fastest in the market of barcode scanners.


Easy to Install and Use

When you need to use the device in different settings, you just need to unplug it and easily plug it into another device. It is an easy to use plug and play device, and therefore you don’t need to have the technical know-how to use the device. This capability makes the device the most recommended across all retail stores and other stores that need to do the barcode scanning. This means, by buying this barcode reader you can easily deploy it across the different stock control points without the need of paying a technician to install it.


Energy Efficiency and Power Saving

The device has the inbuilt features that allow it to be energy efficient and also makes the device a power saver. One notable feature that allows this is the automatic sleep mode that allows the device to go off when not in use and automatically back on when it senses the barcode. This is good because it promotes the energy saving factor which is currently a big issue in environmental management.


Highly Compatibility

The device connects to the secondary scanners making it possible to scan heavy and oversized items that cannot be moved to the scanning point. This is good during fixed assets recording as this device comes in hand for the user when you have to scan these items. With the device cables compatibility, you can easily use different Motorola cables to connect the device, and this means it is easy to use highly effective and user-friendly. You can use it on other host devices easily without the need to carry cables meaning it is a flexible device and this also makes the device easy to use.

Barcode scanning in a warehouse becomes a hustle when you are using a slow and incompatible barcode reader. By investing in this QR code scanner, the process becomes easy and faster. Get one today.

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