SQL Account Cloud Accounting Software, Basic Version - Accounting & Invoicing
SQL Account Cloud Accounting Software, Basic Version - Accounting & Invoicing
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SQL Cloud Accounting Software

SQL Cloud Accounting & Invoicing

* Incl. Personalize Training & Phone Support
* Able to get back your Full Backup Data
RM 30 per additional users

  •  Built in SST - Sales Tax (Accrual) & Advance Service Tax (Payment Basis)

  •  Open period, No need Year End

  •  Daily auto backup

  •  Unlimited level of sub account on P/L & B/S

  •  Advance Drill from anywhere down to the source document

  •  Advance Security lock user on hide certain keywords within Payment Voucher / PO etc

  •  CTOS company overview

  •  Full Business Document Ready : Quotation, SO, DO, Inv, CN, DN, PR, PO etc


SQL Cloud Accounting

Feature Included : 

  • SST Module
  • DIY-Fields (User defined fields)
  • GL Module ( Journal Entry, Bank Reconciliation, P&L Statement, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Payment voucher, Receive voucher, Ledger Report)
  • Billing Module (Quotations, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Cash Sales, Debit Note & Credit Note)
  • Purchase Module (Purchase Request, Purchase, Goods Receipt Note, Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase & Purchase Return)
  • Project module
  • Open period, no need year end(b/f auto cut off for each financial year)
  • Budget
  • export to MS office, jpeg, html, pdf, & etc
  • 3 columns Balance Sheet
  • unlimited level of sub account on P/L & B/S
  • simply Drill Down to source document
  • copy & paste of document or selected detail records
  • External File (Fax, email, letter) tracking
  • Unlimited Shipping and branchs address
  • Sales & Purchase Price Assistant
  • Stock Status Assistant
  • Profit Estimator
  • Advance Drill Down


SQL Cloud Accounting Software

SQL Account - Cloud Accounting Software Solution

Nowadays everything goes online, so the businesses, things are going to be easier as you just have to install the software that manages the account properly, you need to feed the data. This approach has changed the way of managing a business account. The software makes the work easy, convenient and affordable.  If it comes to is it right to say that you are searching for the best cloud accounting software in Malaysia?


Is your small business growing slowly? In spite of spending too much time on account management, you are not getting the advancement in your business. Here is the suggestion for the accounting software that makes your business grow with leaps and bound.


These days, the bookkeeping programming industry is getting progressively advanced as there are numerous arrangements accessible. There are different kind of accounting software likewise online accounting software, cloud-based accounting software, and web-based accounting software.


SQL Account is the best web based accounting software that manages all your finance related work, keeps you GST compliant in Malaysia, helps you work collectively across the department.


It is the accounting software that is used by accountants regularly.  The features of this web based accounting software are that you can subscribe and use the software with your browser.

SQL Account Cloud It is the cloud-based accounting software that saves your money and efforts to manage the account related task.


SQL Account Cloud Accounting Software


This cloud accounting software makes it simple for the client to follow every one of the buys, accumulations, and deals since it keeps all the monetary records intelligently in a solitary spot. The documentation of inventories likewise remains fully informed regarding the assistance of this product. What's more, the logical device can produce the print duplicate. A faultless report can be normal and redone with the help of a committed group, even with an odd monetary date. It is user-friendly, you can take out the print of the data you have feed in it it is affordable and high in quality. This software is automated as it gets updated automatically.  It is associated with easy customization.


The useful thing about the SQL Accounting System Malaysia programming is that it can produce the helpful financial report.



Is SQL Accounting Software is safe?


You need to take certain precautions while using this software.   Setting confirmations previously enabling your employees to utilize the application will go far in keeping the information of your company safe and secure.


The accounting software offers the support up to an alternative when you need to turn off your PC. Thusly, the information that has been entered and broke down by the application will be spared. The application can keep running out of sight while you and your workers are utilizing the PC for other beneficial purposes which are astonishing without a doubt.


The application additionally permits safe access into your SQL account records as it has a simple application interface. Information can likewise be sponsored up whenever without the need of closing which is quick and advantageous while defending your information. This accounting software helps you to fix the errors as much as possible the effective and superb accounting software is cost effective so it is highly recommended for your business. With this accounting software, you can save yourself from costly accounting errors.


Another benefit of using online accounting software is that the need for hardware is redundant, since everything is hosted on the cloud. You pay for what you use, thus reducing the expenditure cost.


In the Digital world, it is very efficient to use online accounting software solutions for your business.

Online accounting software helps you to focus on the account matters and assist you to make your business grow.  Starting a business is a daunting task for everyone, but if you are equipped with the right business tools, you need not worry about it. This software manages all your account based stuff at your fingertips.


Businesses are going digital, as it’s faster and accurate that way. To maintain the financial strength, businesses utilize bookkeeping software. As one of the six parts in the bookkeeping data framework, the product assumes an essential job in keeping up both productivity and effectiveness. In all, the use of accounting software computerizes passages, oversee solicitations and handle money-related reports and significantly more.




Cloud Accounting Software - Using anywhere, anytime.


Nowadays, you have often come across this term, Cloud Accounting Software. Have you ever wondered what it is? It is very simple. This is a new way to get access to the accounting software from your web browser. In fact, accessing your accounting software without installing any accounting software is a great thing to do. It can be referred to as online accounting. Before we proceed further with the concept of Cloud accounting software, it is essential for you to understand the term, cloud computing. It is a model of network computing in which an application/ a program will run on a connected server instead of a local computing device like PC. One can access the hosted application through the internet enabled devices like smartphone, tablet and PC.


Likewise, cloud accounting software is likely to host on the centralized servers. So, its users can access them with when they open the web browsers. Thus, they start the use of the application and there is no need to install it any of your computers. In the world of digitization, cloud accounting is the most pleasurable thing occurred in the accounting industry. Cloud accounting software has given the bookkeepers as well as business owners to work on their accounting regardless of their place. Now, they can access the data and work on it from any part of the world. So, the biggest advantage of cloud computing software is to give the facility of accessing the accounting information from anywhere at any time. Isn't that amazing?


How it is beneficial for small businesses?


Get Access to data from anywhere for 24*7 hours

This gives the facility to business owners to access the data from any location. Business owners on the move have a habit of using smartphones and tablets to get access to the latest financial information of their company. With the help of cloud accounting, the business owners get access to investigate business account balances along with the cash position of the company and get the details of outstanding invoices. In fact, you can get the data 24*7 hours regardless of your location. The only thing they need to have is an internet connection.


Cloud Accounting Software Cost

Cost of ownership is very much less than the traditional accounting software as there is nothing to be installed and maintained. Without any user intervention, software is updated. So, it will result in a reduction in cost. It will surely help the business owners to focus on other core activities of their business.


Cloud Accounting Software Security

When we talk of anything online, then security is our main concern as we do not want to lose our data. In fact, in the traditional ways of accounting, there are no proper measures taken in order to provide security to this financial information. But with cloud accounting software, you will get the high-security standards. At the regular intervals, backups are taken to protect the data. Servers are also scanned on the regular basis for vulnerabilities. Data is also transferred on the encrypted connection. Even, in the case of natural disaster, your data will not be destroyed as it will online. As soon as you will have access to the internet, you can get back to your data.


Integration with other services

Cloud accounting software is integrated with file-sharing applications like Dropbox for storing and sharing files. The possibilities of functionality get extended by getting connected with other software that is available online.


All you need is an active accounting software. This gives you the facility of conducting the business from any part of the world. With this, you can manage the inventory and reconcile the books. With fewer efforts, you will be able to do more. All these things will contribute to the smooth functioning of your operation at your organizations. Use of this will give you a better overview of the financial position of your company. It will surely improve the collaboration with the team. With this, you can easily save your money and time. It is providing a platform to access online information anywhere. In this kind, you need not to install the software on your desktop. The only thing you need to pay for the monthly subscription.



SQL Web-Based Accounting Software



Benefits of Online Accounting Software


In every business, whether it is small or big, it requires constant attention so that the business can run smoothly. Among all these elements, accounting and bookkeeping method is an important one. It takes huge efforts to maintain the accounts and it is also a time-consuming job. So, a pleasant solution to this problem is using online accounting software. This online accounting software will calculate the cash flow, revenue and so on precisely and accurately. Further, your financial information will be safe, and you can access it from any corner of the world. Hence, it is a great investment for the business, specifically for small business, where the fund is limited. 


There are several other benefits of online accounting software too.


Online Accounting Software - User-Friendly

It is very easy to learn, and one can easily adopt these practices in day to day operations. Once you set up is ready, only a few entries will help you in keeping accounts up to date. All the information from the invoices and bank statements can be uploaded automatically and will be processed into the right category. So, from now onwards, you need not to worry about the advanced accounting too. You can efficiently maintain accounts of your business just by making a few clicks. Maintaining data becomes easy for you and in fact, you are not required to devote lots of time in it.



Online accounting software makes work easy for you. It just eases your work of filling out the information of employees timely and accurately.


Online Accounting Software Security

Online accounting software keeps the data online, so, you might be worried about its security. But, keep in mind that the security of your data is the topmost priority of these online business software companies. Hence, security is not your concern. It is always beneficial to assess the financial health of your company at any time. The online connection makes work easy for you like easily you can invoice your clients. When you think of the security of data, many people still think of outsourcing any accountant to keep their accounts. But, this software is the safe place to keep data intact and safe.


Online Accounting Software Cash Flow

When you efficiently maintain the cash flow, then you can save money effectively. The online accounting software will make the process simple to determine incentives for the employees. It will also determine discounts for the customers and creditors. Further, you can easily comprehend profit as well as losses.



Online accounting software is the most cost-effective and affordable way to maintain your business accounts. In house software as well as outsourcing accountant can cost you a large sum of money. But the online accounting software will not cost you much. They are not expensive. So, you can manage your business accounts in a cost-effective manner.


Automated Record Keeping

The main problem with financial management is that it is labor intensive and confusing. So, one needs an expert to handle all these accounting problems. But with online accounting software, there are features which will compile all your data in different categories. They will merge all the data and information in an operating system. In fact, the online accounting software are able to analyze the business practices and will display the trends of money flow in your company. You can easily maintain and create financial reports with much fewer efforts. You can do the following easily:

  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Check Printing
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cost Predictions
  • Comment Capabilities
  • External Application Integration
  • Customizable Reports
  • Payroll Management
  • Fund Accounting
  • Password Protection
  • Inventory Management


Accounting is always an integral and essential part of any business. The business constantly needs accurate financial information. This information helps them in making business decisions. So, the online accounting software will serve the purpose and will provide the correct information. Switching to online accounting software will give them many benefits. Running the business with the right tools are always beneficial. A single mistake in accounting can cost you a big loss. But the online accounting software will keep you away from such mistakes. So, it’s the time to switch to online accounting software. No need for hiring an accountant for all your accounting purpose. Enhance your productivity with the online accounting software.



Online Accounting Software



Offline or Online Accounting Software, You Decide!


Confused about choosing whether you should keep your accounts on the cloud? Thankfully that isn't really a rush decision you have to make at this point. With the SQL accounting software, you can switch between online and offline modes at anytime you want. While you weigh the pros and cons of offline systems vs online systems, you can stay offline without having to switch platforms. You can use the SQL cloud accounting software on an offline computer without missing out on any of its core functionality.



The most versatile cloud accounting software in Malaysia


Made for Malaysian businesses, to cater to the specific tax laws and GST rules that are so important for compliance in the country, the SQL accounting software is a great fit for any business. The convenience of the cloud accounting software makes it a very scalable option for organizations. Until you are able to create the infrastructure of machines, people and accounting to be able to use a cloud solution, the software still works just as well.


Think of it this way, you won't have to change software and learn new accounting procedures because your business has grown. The SQL accounting software caters to all classes of business and is cloud ready from the day you begin using it.



Advantage over other Malaysian accounting software


The reason that SQL accounting gives you a competitive advantage is because it can do so many things at once. It is always a big decision to move from an offline software to a cloud based software. The ability to start with an offline software and instantly move it to the cloud is crucial. With softwares like Autocount, you have to be on the cloud from the get go. Another software that works on the cloud is MYOB, but it is more GST centric than anything else.


Autocount has gaining popularity primarily because of its cloud storage practices. Which is why it is not feasible for small businesses that are yet to scale up. Not only is it expensive, being on the cloud is not really necessary for smaller businesses. This is where MYOB gains the upper hand over Autocount. It is very sales and volume transaction centric, making it a very good GST accounting solution.



Go temporarily online with the SQL accounting software


One of the key features that could really help to make sense of this software is that you can access your accounts remotely. So, if you have an offline system and you want it to be online for just some time, you can sync the data and access it from your devices. Once you are done with whatever you need, you can go back offline and clear the cloud storage if you want.



Offline vs Online - The Trade Off


The only reasons to avoid going online with your accounting software are because you are worried about security, or the expenditure of keeping accounts online. With SQL accounting, your information is safe and secure from theft or misuse. The cost of hosting your accounting information online is something that needs to be justified by the value generated by its remote use. Other than protecting your information from being lost due to physical drive damage, the cloud has many other features that make it an ideal infrastructure.


The ability to access your information from mobile apps and browser based logins has the potential to make your business more mobile than ever before. Attending meetings and presentations becomes much easier when the information you need is available all the time. There's no need to carry hard copies of your accounts which can be misplaced or copied easily. You can also generate and pre-save reports for easy retrieval at any point. This is the power of SQL accounting on the cloud. It is a great enabler for business level decision making.





Whatever you choose, there is a simple and easy way to make sure your accounts are maintained well and available to you wherever you are just by connecting your offline computer. The SQL accounting software gives you the control and the balance that you want between using online and offline accounting software solutions.




SQL Cloud Accounting Software



SQL Account Cloud Accounting Software and its features


A one stop solution for all your accounting and financial reporting needs, the SQL cloud accounting software has modules for all business requirements. Whether it is a payroll management system, point of sale integration, analytical tools or safely backed up accounting files, the SQL account cloud accounting software has it. The versatility of the software also allows you to use it offline when you do not want your information to be on the cloud. You can use an offline system for this.



Track sales and purchases


With integration to point of sale machines and billing software, there is no need to tally up accounts from outlet stores and departments anymore. As and when the billing is done, the integration is able to bring it into the cloud.


Similarly, purchases too are recorded instantly and brought into the cloud accounts. This gives your financial information a real-time updating, as well as giving stakeholders access to important data when they need it.



Pay salaries on time, effortlessly


The payroll management system available on the SQL account software is great for keeping track of attendance and payouts. This also allows managers to make approvals from wherever they are since they can view the payroll statements on the go. In large organizations with hundreds of employees on the payroll, this can be incredibly helpful.



Customize your accounting software and practices to your business


It is always a problem when accounting gets in the way of smooth business. The need for compliance and control often makes accounting a hurdle to get past. Busy accountants may not be able to clear everything as soon as it comes in, creating delays in the process. With the SQL Account software, you can build your own accounting process and create a streamlined approach to everything in your business. This means that accounting backlogs will be minimum and staff resources will be utilized more optimally.



Inventory management solutions


Keeping track of your stocks becomes much easier with the SQL account cloud. An easy inventory management process that is integrated with point of sale and warehousing records gives real time updates on the inventory situation. This makes it easy to place new orders and meet demand efficiently.



Top notch security on the cloud


You never have to worry about losing your information after taking your files online with the SQL account cloud. The files are backed up in real-time and you can download backup files at regular intervals to be extra safe. The servers are always up 24x7 with minimal downtime to allow you to carry on business and record keeping. It is no longer necessary to sit at the office to get reports, and emergency situations are taken care of much more smoothly.



Set up permissions and controls to monitor accounting activity


In order to exercises stronger internal controls and make sure the accounts are free of any misinformation, you can restrict system access through credentials. This allows you to track down any changes made to the accounts, as well as allowing you to create authorization levels which give certain rights only to certain individuals. This increases accountability and gives a strong audit foundation.



Analytical tools


With pre defined reports, compliance reports and options to create new custom reports, the SQL account software is a great enabler for management level decision making. The real-time updating also allows the management to get a feel for how the business functions on a day to day basis.



Integrate with Apps


In order to make it even easier to access accounts remotely, there is an app integration that allows you to generate and view reports on the go. Your accounting information is taken from the cloud and processed to show you what you need to see on your mobile device, tablet or laptop.



A great fit for any business


Used by more than 180,000 companies, SQL accounting software are one of the most popular in South East Asia. The well integrated services make it a one stop solution for most businesses record keeping needs. Automation of transactional data and upload to the cloud has made SQL account more than just an accounting software. It is a strategic business enabler.





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