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SQL Payroll Software - Unlimited Employee

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SQL Payroll Software in Malaysia


Normally expel as the repetitive managerial region of the HR, non-HR leaders oftentimes not recall the significance of SQL payroll system in attracting and retaining the most fundamental asset – their workers.


Back in old good days staff got a check toward the end of the month, in the event that they were blessed they discover a compensation slip. How period has changed – salary, flexible profit, payment, levy, leave, an extra benefit, occasion, expenses, and presence in addition to the requirement for self-service ability, cloud-based comfort and a manifold layer of safety have all scheme to make a rich payroll package a crucial thing.




SQL Payroll Software


SQL Payroll Software dispensation is an intimidating activity. It needs correctness and does not greet a couple of spaces for the oversight. However, among all the things you require to do it without anyone's help, you have the capacity to help manually as of entrusting one now and again. This issue will forever on time you to start from the opening awaiting you acquire it correct. Fortunately, you never again require to managing that state. Payroll Software Malaysia association is currently finished simple and straightforward. That is courteousness of SQL Payroll.


This Payroll Software Malaysia is a trouble-free, simple to utilize SQL payroll system which helps the corporation to make pay slip, process pay of monthly representative, administration reports and payroll synopsis. It comprises of 3 noteworthy parts, HR, Payroll and Leave managing. Laborers can be arranged into the dissimilar section, gathering, limb, scheme, work and so on. Payroll helps you auto-ascertain pay, eventually pay, SOCSO and EPF donation as well as PCB. The leave association helps you to check the representatives leave data.




SQL Payroll Processing at its Best


SQL Payroll is the most significant payroll software Malaysia items. Right now, the payroll allowance is made simple. All you require to do comes in the payroll information. All from here will be dealing with the system. It resembles having a devoted master's players arranged to offer SQL payroll system for you. From payroll logic, you can without trouble modify it to get the payroll data you require. With this scheme, you have the assurance that your obligation and paychecks are correct from top to base.




Leave Module


What's remarkable? SQL Payroll features a full-size interactive calendar that can be used to log the worker's leave application. The Leave module is integrated with the Payroll Process module so you can have a cutting-edge and precise pay calculation.




Payroll Reports


Need a report? SQL Payroll software Malaysia has a wide scope of Payroll Reports (Payroll Summary, Pay Slip, and so forth.), Government Reports (PCB CP 39, SOCSO Borang 8A, EPF Borang A, and so on.) and Leave Reports thus significantly more.


System Requirement

  1. Recommended Hardware: PC having an AMD Athlon or Intel Core i5 processor or more, Broadband Internet connection to utilize SQL Remote Desktop and 4 GB RAM
  2. Supported Database: Firebird Server, InterBase
  3. Supported O/S: Windows 7 or more


If your system fulfills all the above-mentioned requirements, then you are ready to use SQL payroll software.




Payroll ELeave apps




SQL Payroll 2019 - Link to SQL Account


Payroll processing is a daunting job. It requires accuracy and does not respect any space for blunders. Be that as it may, with every one of the things you have to do it by yourself, you could facilitate yourself from doing one sometimes. This blunder will constantly prompt you to begin from the initial starting point until you take care of the business. Fortunately, you never again should manage that situation. Payroll management is currently made more straightforward and simpler. That is cordiality of SQL Payroll 2019. You can get the Link to SQL Account and begin utilizing SQL Payroll 2019.




SQL Payroll 2019 Services


If the organization is small, medium or large scales, then you need to recognize the sense and significance of the SQL payroll 2019 services. This is an extremely huge as it is tied in with paying up to the specialists that are working in your organization. You may recognize how versatile it is if you run up with the salary allocation and calculation.


We have a lot of alternatives by which will almost certainly effectively resolve down this work and an assortment of others. Things being what they are, would you say you are set up to recognize how you could handle this clumsy task without trouble?


Choose up SQL Payroll 2019 Services, as this is the unparalleled way out which will help with doing every one of those calculations which are basic to do. For doing likewise, all you simply require to have the specialists that are all around informed with the total information about the Payroll as well as HR managerial stuff just as they familiar with the present payroll tax laws, occasions and different things.


In this manner, you can discover out the best and dependable service supplier, who can resolve down every one of the questions just as have the capacity to furnish you with the best solution effectively. By getting the Link to SQL Account, you can start utilizing the services offered by SQL Payroll 2019.




Keeping your SQL Payroll 2019 Software Data Secured


The SQL payroll software build to enable you to keep your payroll record. Your information is secure with strong information security and system protection.


SQL Payroll 2019 is additionally an unmistakable leave system you can interactively log the leave request of the laborers anyplace anytime. Besides, it is incorporated into the system for payroll allowance, which guarantees that your compensation calculation isn't simply up-to-date but accurate as well.




Generating Report Made Easy with SQL payroll software 2019


Payroll management expects you to give numerous sorts of reports, for example, the payroll list, the pay slip, and numerous others. Setting up everyone is frustrating and tiring. With the SQL payroll 2019 accounting software, the case is unique. The payroll system can generate the reports you need anytime you need them. You should simply choose the report you need, and you can have it in no time.


The SQL payroll 2019 services that the system doesn't simply give you quick and simple report generation. It likewise guarantees an accurate and reliable report you can depend on. By getting the Link to SQL Account, you can start utilizing the services offered by SQL Payroll software 2019 and start generating the reports.


Stop making payroll managing a difficult task. Payroll accounting doesn’t have to take all the time. Let the SQL Payroll software 2019 take the necessary steps for you. Using the system, payroll processing is at its easiest but most correct state. Get the Link to SQL Account system and make things simpler for you.





SQL Payroll System Price


SQL Payroll software is developed from the ground around the Payroll Process. You could easily process and print from one to many representatives’ pay slip with only in a couple of clicks. What's more, is that you can essentially keep boundless SQL payroll history and have your information safe and secure with strong security and information protection. Keeping up your human asset well means keeping up your business well. You shouldn't be a specialist for the contribution and taxes when you have SQL Payroll. Give the payroll software a chance to rest you ahead from pain.




SQL Payroll Software: simplicity at its best


SQL Payroll software is produced from the earliest stage around Payroll strategy. You have the capacity to process and make one to many pay slip with only a couple of clicks. What's more, is that you can nearly have unlimited payroll record and have your information secure and ensured with the strong protection and information security.


Simple payroll

You will enter only payroll information, and the SQL Payroll software will do the remaining task. A devoted group of specialists prepared to work with you. It is customizable ranging from the payroll logic to the payroll reports. The payroll software ensured accurate paychecks as well as taxes.


Be Eco-Friendly

SQL Payroll additionally gives batch email worker pay slip work. All the pay slips will be sending out by means of Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook just in 1 click. Presently no more paper jam, be Eco-friendly.


SQL payroll system price

There are different SQL payroll system price depending upon the features a package is offering. There are many packages available, and you can select the one that is according to your needs, and that is best for your company or organization.



The SQL payroll system price of the basic package is RM 1799. In this package of SQL payroll, you will get it for 20 employees. The features of this package include:

  • Human resources
  • Ad-hoc payroll
  • Payroll frequency: monthly payroll, half month payroll, daily payroll, weekly payroll, and hourly payroll.
  • Payroll report: monthly report, yearly report, credit bank report, contribution report, personal payroll information
  • Leave: leave entitlement, leave application, leave group, maintain leave type, etc.
  • Government report: Zakat, PCB, EPF, EA FORM, SIP/EIS, SOCSO
  • Claims: Tax benefit, tax reduction, ETC and Loan
  • Leave report: attendance, leave application, balance report

You will get some off on the package if you use the coupon code or you there is a discount going on the deal.



The SQL payroll system price of the standard package is RM 1799. In this package of SQL payroll, you will get it for 50 employees. The features of this package are the same as RM 1499. You will get some off on the package if you use the coupon code or you there is a discount going on the deal.



The SQL payroll system price of the advanced package is RM 2099. In this package of SQL payroll, you will get it for 100 employees. This package offers the same features as basic and standard packages.



The SQL payroll system price of the pro package is not declared yet, but you can find about it by contacting the company. In this package of SQL payroll, you will get it for more than 100 employees. This package offers the same features as basic, standard and advanced packages.





We provide complete SQL Payroll Training


SQL payroll is the software that provides you perform several tasks by just some clicks. If you are in search of the best SQL payroll training, we are here to fulfill all your requirements and make you SQL payroll expert user. We are looking forward to give you the best solutions. Our dynamic and successful solutions make our customers satisfied.




What SQL payroll software?


Before discussing the benefits that this SQL payroll software can offer let us inform you what this software is. This software is a user-friendly platform in which you just need to enter the payroll information; the entire procedure will be handled by the software itself. Just handle all the important tasks of the SQL payroll software by just some clicks. You don’t need to type anything. Every solution is available; you just need some training to use it especially when you are a beginner effectively. We suggest you to must choose us because no platform is better than choosing us for SQL payroll training effectively and properly.




How is the use of SQL beneficial for you?


If you take the complete SQL payroll training from us, we will guide you how you can see the prominent change in the estream. We will properly guide you about how you can get experience with this software. We will tell you how you can work effectively by using payroll software Malaysia system individually or in a team. We have a team of professionals that have expertise in their particular field. When you get a chance to work with those professionals, you will become more practical. You will get a chance to work with those people, in which every one of them should be an expert in a unique field. It will become easy for you to handle the tasks of multiple categories.




Why has SQL payroll training gaining attention in this modern age?


The use of the SQL payroll has increased much in this modern age. Here, we will discuss some reasons that will depict for what reasons you can use payroll software Malaysia systems.


  • You will get the best customer support where the team of professionals will always be available to solve your software related issues.
  • You can get all the services related to SQL payroll training software at our platform
  • Using SQL payroll training system will become the source of rapid growth in this modern age
  • This software is according to the client's empowerments in which users are allowed to make the changes with an ease
  • This SQL payroll training will ensure you to provide the required results, and you will get maximum returns


 If someone is in search of the best SQL payroll training software, payroll software Malaysia is best and we suggest you to must have it if you wish to learn basics including how to manage the employees, and how to manage the pending dues and bonus.



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