Honeywell Intermec PM43 / PM43C Industrial Label Printer | Barcode Printer
Honeywell Intermec PM43 / PM43C Industrial Label Printer
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Programmable PM series smart printers offer you reliable performance for uptime assurance, quick deployment and integration, and the fastest throughput in their class – no PC required. The PM43/43c (101.6 mm/4 in) printers and the PM23c (50.8 mm/2 in) model are available in a variety of enclosure sizes and door types to fit your exact application.


Fast to deploy and easy to integrate, PM series printers fit into virtually any environment.


Now on their third generation, the PM43, PM43c, and PM23c printers are members of the well-proven family of PM series mid-range industrial printers.


Rapid 304 mm/s (12 ips) print speed and consistent barcode printing quality with pin-point accuracy.


Run apps right inside the printer, control peripherals, and eliminate the need for a connected PC, using either C# for Printers or Fingerprint.


Flexible conectivity options, plus every PM series printer features a multilingual web interface for simple remote device management.


Avaiable with a large, color, multilingual, tamper-proof touchscreen or intuitive icon user interface.


Available with three different enclosure sizes, all with multiple door configurations, to fit your needs plus a wide range of accessories for maximum media compatibility.

RFID Capable

Available in RFID-enabled configurations capable of simultaneously encoding and printing frequency-agile RFID tags.


Product Details

The PM43/PM43c (101.6 mm/4 in) and PM23c (50.8 mm/2 in) Mid-Range Industrial Printers deliver proven reliability, fast drop-in deployment and integration, and advanced connectivity to maximize your uptime. They're ideal for applications in distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing operations, and transportation centers.

The PM series was designed for easy integration and fast deployment.

Minimize workforce training and device support needs with intuitive features like a vibrant color touchscreen or intuitive icon user interface. Notifications are displayed right on screen, and the interface can be locked down to eliminate tampering.

And with the broadest connectivity options in their class – including Wi-Fi and Cisco CCX certifications, plus additional Bluetooth® connectivity – PM series quickly interface with virtually any IPv4 or IPv6 network.

PM printers offer outstanding performance in harsh environments thanks to a rugged metal enclosure and the top print speed in their class at 304 mm/s (12 ips). Beyond the productivity of speed, PM printers also enable you to work smarter by reducing labeling errors and increasing process efficiency.

Plus, in-printer apps can directly control other devices such as scanners, scales, keyboard and other peripherals – without the need for an attached computer.



Dimensions (HxLxW): 
PM23c: 181 mm X 431.84 mm X 205.5 mm (7.13 in X 17 in X 8.09 in)
PM23c with Dome Door: 244.87 mm X 500.22 mm X 205.5 mm (9.64 in X 19.69 in X 8.09 in)
PM23c with Bag Tag Door: 207 mm X 431.84 mm X 205.5 mm (8.15 in X 17 in X 8.09 in)
PM43: 294.61 mm X 483.54 mm X 284.2 mm (11.6 in X 19.04 in X 11.19 in)
PM43c: 181 mm X 431.84 mm X 252.5 mm (7.13 in X 17 in X 9.94 in)
PM43c with Dome Door: 244.87 mm X 500.22 mm X 252.5 mm (9.64 in X 19.04 in X 9.94 in)

PM23c: 9.5 Kg (21 lb)
PM43: 15.82 kg (34.88 lbs.)
PM43c: 12.5 kg (27.65 lbs.)
PM43c with Dome Door: 12.71Kg (28.02 lbs.)

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