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RedTech V220 VFD Customer Display - 2 line x 20char
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RedTech V220 VFD Customer Display - USB port (virtual com)

* Supports 11 command modes included EPSON etc. 

* Power supply from 5V to 24V to prevent any mindless use of improper power input. 

* 20-column x 2-line dot matrix in a wide viewing angle. 

* Easy connectivity to a wide range of POS products. 

* OPOS/JPOS driver is standard.



Display Method  Vacuum Fluorescent Display (Green) 
Number of characters  40(20 columns x 2 lines) 
Brightness  500~1000 cd/m2 
Character font  5 x 7 dot matrix 
Character type  95 Alphanumeric, 32 International Characters 
Character size  5.5(H) x 9.2(W) mm 
Dot Size (X x Y)  0.86 x 1.2mm 
Download characters  9 characters 
Panel Dimension  220(W) x 45(D) x 125(H)mm 
Pole Dimension  Per support length: 140(L) x 34.5(Dia)mm 
Base Dimension  205(W) x 106(D) x 33(H)mm 
Viewing Angle  Max. 90°
Horizontal Rotation  Max. 355°
Weight  Approx. 980 grams
Commands Mode  LD220, EPSON POS D101, AEDEX, UTC/S, UTC/P, ADM788, DSP800, 
Language Support  FRANCE 、 GERMANY 、 U.K 、 DENMARKI 、 SWEDEN 、
  SLAVONIC、RUSSIA、Portuguese、Canadian French、Nordic、
  Turkish、Greek、West European Latin
Interface USB


Red Tech V220 Point of Sale Customer Display

Today, inventory software program in the market allows you to track usage, calculate whenever you need order, monitor changes to unit dollar cost and analyze inventories on the items. Apart from that, you can also control inventory in a cash register by using the software system.

One of the most popular computer-based and order-entry technologies nowadays is the POS, also known as Point of Sale system. This system can record every sale so your record inventory is always updated. Better still, it allows you to get more information regarding the sales than gathering them with manual system. Point of sale is an important is a very vital concept in every location around the world. As a matter of fact, it is conventionally adopted in many states like Malaysia.

When you look or search for POS Malaysia, you’re allowed to visit various websites of shops where this important concept is being adopted in order to ensure good way of transaction.

With Point of sale system:

  • Customers can maintain their sales history that help them to adjust in buying decisions especially during seasonal purchasing trend.
  • Customers can analyze their sales information and determine how well each item on their shelves, helping them to make adjustment in purchasing levels.
  • Customers can improve the pricing accuracy through integrating authorization ability of credit cards and barcode scanners with Point of sale system.

Nowadays, there are so many popular Point of Sale systems that allows you to make use of the devices in your checkout station including barcode scanners, electronic cash drawer, credit card reader invoice printer or receipt.

The Point of Sale software system package usually comes with an integrated accounting module and it includes account receivable, general ledger, account payable, inventory control system and purchasing. In essence, POS is a complete package system, allowing everyone to track their business cash flow.

Businesses such as, restaurants, retail shops, mini market, fast food stations and other counter sales need POS system. But, with plenty of POS system today, you might be confused if which one is the best for your business.

Well, when you need a Point of Sale system Malaysia products, the Red Tech POS is the best answer. The Point of Sale software systems Malaysia are at their best with Red Tech. It’s because the packages they’re providing come with heavy-duty cash drawer point of sale, laser scanner and thermal receipt printers. Moreover, the Red Tech Point of Sale Malaysia also includes software training and software support. With clear & complete instructions, it will not be hard for you to understand it.

In fact, Red Tech POS is the premier point of sale system Malaysia provider. It is because they are providing the best Point of Sale system. Although their retail Point of Sale software system Malaysia is simple, on the other hand, it is very powerful. Because Red Tech comes with many great features which will truly make your entire transactions more convenient, easier, simpler and faster.

Red Tech POS just fit in your business seamlessly & effortlessly. Make every information of your business accurate while cutting cost and saving time with Red Tech Point of Sale system Malaysia.  

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