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RedTech AR451 All In One Touch POS Terminal
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RedTech AR450 Touch POS Terminal

Are you one of those individuals who are searching for a professional and trusted supplier of Touch POS Terminal? If yes, you don’t have to worry since RedZone Solution is the ideal choice to consider and hire. Most in the restaurant industry are already well aware of what the Touch POS Terminal is, however this just a short overview of the system and its benefits. Touch screen terminal has replaced standard cash registers in most places of business, now many also integrating a schedule and clocking in as well. Touch screen monitor Malaysia keeps accurate records of orders, changes to orders and tabs in restaurant settings, and this is where it is an extremely valuable tool in loss prevention. Also, more than just having to cross reference to figure labor costs- most machines have an option that lets you stand up cost versus profit, tallying an accurate total.


  • The product has a packing size of L430*W290*H460mm.
  • This point of sales terminal weighs 6.75 KG
  • This touch screen cash register comes with black casing color.
  • The supported OS of this touch screen computer Malaysia includes Linux, XP, Windows and Windows 7.
  • The power supply of this touch screen terminal is Notebook Power Supply (12V5A)
  • When it comes to its touch screen, it comes with 15 Inch five threads Taiwan High-temperature Resistive Screen.
  • The display screen of this Touch POS terminal is 12 Inch LED Liquid Crystal with a resolution ration of 1024*768 with dustproof and waterproof rubber ring inset.
  • The interface includes 6xUSB port, 4x Parallel port and 4x Serial port.
  • The Ethernet is 10/100M Self-adaption.
  • The hard disk is 64GB SSD Harddisk.
  • It has a memory of DDR#, 4GB
  • The CPU is Intel 1037 Celeron CPU with 1.8G GHz.

Additional Features

  • DC Out Optional: 1x+12VDC Jack
  • Audio Jack 1x Line Out. 1x MIC In, 1x Internal Speaker
  • VGA Port
  • LAN Port 1x RJ-45, Giga LAN

Work Condition

  • The Operation Humidity of this product is 20-85%.
  • The Storage Temperature is 20-60°C.
  • The Operation Temperature is 0-40°C.

Using a Point of Sales System is just one way to decrease the loss in your restaurant or business and help you to be a much more effective manager in your location, by enabling you to have a touch of the finger access to everything you need and helping you to keep an eye out for those things you don’t need.

If you want to gather additional details about this RedTech Touch POS Terminal, please feel free to visit the official website of RedZone Solution and rest assured that they would be happy to help you with your specific needs.


Specification :

CPU : Intel J1800 Celeron CPU ( 1.8 GHz)

Memory : DDR3, 4GB

Hard Disk : 64GB SSD Harddisk

Ethernet : 10/100M Self-adaption

Interface : 4x Seial port, 4x Parallel port, 6x USB port (2 out of screen right side), 1x RJ11 ( support for the cash box of POS terminal)

Display screen : 15 Inch LED Liquid Crystal, Resolution Ratio:1024*768(with waterproof and dustproof rubber ring inset) - (Optional) 

Touch Screen : 15 Inch five threads Taiwan High-temperature Capasitive Touch Screen

Power Supply : Notebook Power Supply(12V5A)

Supported OS : Windows 7,Windows XP,Liunx

Casing Color : Black

Weight : 6.75 KG

Packing size : L430*W290*H460mm



LAN Port 1 x RJ-45, Giga LAN

VGA Port 1 x DB-15, Female

Audio Jack 1 x Line Out, 1 x MIC In, 1 x Internal Speaker

DC Out Optional:1 x +12VDC Jack (Customer Display or 2nd Display)


Work Condition

Operation Temperature 0~40°C

Storage Temperature -20~60°C

Operation Humidity 20~85%

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