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Introduction of Newland Barcode Scanner

Newland Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner is a common device that we often see in cashiers of supermarkets, shopping malls and other retail outlets when we make purchases.  A cashier points this device to a grocery item and the price is automatically inputted in the computer. Regardless of whether a wireless barcode scanner, 2d barcode scanner, QR Code Scanner or Bluetooth Barcode scanner is used, scanners make checking out faster and more efficient and competent. Employees need not enter the price of each item to the computer which is prone to human errors.  Cashiers also need not familiarize themselves with the prices of every commodity they sell which incidentally constantly changes. Moreover, barcodes allow easy adjusting of pricing information.  They also contain other data needed by the store to track sales and manage inventory for just-in-time stock ordering.

What sets the Newland Barcode Scanner Apart?

Newland EMEA (Newland Europe BV) is one of the leading innovators of barcode scanning technology.  It is a subsidiary of Fujian Newland Computer Co., Ltd, which has specialty in technology research and development in data collection, mobile communication and payment processing.  It sets the standards in barcode scanning technology. Newland products are available in the company’s constantly expanding retail network which included top barcode scanner online retailer RedZone Solutions at

Not all barcode scanners are the same.  What makes Newland Barcode Scanner unique and on top of the other brands is its own original technology. All its wireless barcode scanner, 2d barcode scanner, QR Code Scanner and Bluetooth Barcode scanners are based on its patented 2D decoder chip and UIMG Image technology. The second generation 2D barcode decoding chip delivers a hardware-based deciphering system that can considerably enhance decoding rate and recognition efficiency. Moreover, it needs fewer IC mark and minimal EE elements allowing for better integration and streamlined hardware design. Newland’s exclusive UIMG technology on the other hand, allows for progressive and faster image scanning, identification and decoding.  It also comes with an adaptable and user friendly programming interface.

Types of Newland scanning products

Newland EMEA offers a wide range of product from OEM scan engines, fixed and handheld scanners, micro booths and tablets. It has cordless or wireless barcode scanners that allow users greater flexibility and freedom in scanning objects.  The wireless barcode scanner can either use radio frequencies or Bluetooth technology to connect and send information to its dock or base station. An advantage of a Bluetooth Barcode scanner is it’s a plug and play device which does not require drivers to operate. Meanwhile, most wireless scanners have built-in memory to permit and store multiple scans.

Newland EMEA also has 2D barcode scanners for scanning data matrix and QR codes. A 2D barcode scanner is capable of decoding two-dimensional barcodes using either CCD or Imaging technology. 2D codes are capable of holding binary data including audio, images, URLs and others. These codes are commonly used in supply chain and manufacturing companies in the electronics and pharmaceutical sectors. The Newland 2D barcode scanners are also capable of reading the customary 1D barcodes in conventionally seen in product packages making it flexible and practicable for companies who still use that old technology.

The Newland QR Code Scanner is a type of 2D barcode scanner that specializes in reading QR (Quick Response) codes. A QR codes is a 2 dimensional codes that we often see online resembling a pixelated image or pattern.  Aside from its capacity for storing more data, it is revolutionary as it can be scanned or read using the camera on our smartphones. However, the UIMG technology in Newland QR Code Scanner also allows reading from different quasi media phone displays as well as identity tags. 

Powered by the UIMG Image technology and 2D decoder chip, all Newland Barcode Scanners are designed to enhance your daily tasks and maximize workforce productivity thereby bringing significant value for your money.

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