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Why Opticon Mobile Barcode Scanner ?

While barcode scanners have been around for decades, only in the past few years have they become popular with independent businesses and entrepreneurs starting up their own companies. The barcode scanner Malaysia business owners and entrepreneurs trust is one produced by Opticon.

What is the Opticon Barcode Scanner?

Opticon offers a line of barcode scanning products designed for stand-alone use or as part of your computer or mobile device. Over the years, Opticon has developed many high-quality scanners which have improved on the barcode technology while incorporating their attributes for smaller, mobile scanning devices as well.

Thanks to advances in technology, Opticon now offers the OPN-4000i, a Bluetooth companion scanner that provides several advantages to entrepreneurs and business owners who are just starting out. The scanner works with your iPad, iPod, or iPhone and turns the device into a fast, mobile scanner.

Benefit of Mobile Barcode Scanner

The OPN-4000i is an Opticon barcode scanner that is lightweight at under 2 ounces and quite small, being able to fit on your Apple smartphone or tablet. The advantages it offers allows businesses to stretch their capabilities when taking purchases in the store, on the road, or wherever you have an internet connection.

Easy Installation: The OPN-4000i works right out of the box, being able to attach to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod quickly and connected through your Bluetooth. There is no software setup or lengthy downloading time. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.

Intuitive to Use: The scanner itself takes credit and debit cards at the top which works with a simple sliding action. The device itself tells you when a scan has been successful with both an audio and visual feature. This makes it easy to determine if the scan has taken hold so you can proceed with the checkout.

Fast Recharge: The device recharges using a USB cable so that it can be done quickly and easily. The lithium-ion battery is durable and long-lasting for many recharges so you can use the device for years to come.

Bluetooth Mobile Barcode Scanner Reliable & Durable

The unit itself is virtually solid state with no moving parts so that it can be used time and time again. Opticon backs the OPN-4000i with a two-year warranty in case of defects which means that the company itself stands behind its product.

This barcode reader Malaysia businesses use features a highly-advanced CCD linear sensor so that it can scan cards in different conditions. Plus, it is very affordably priced so that you can incorporate it into your smartphone or mobile device. It’s perfect for retail shops and especially when taking payments on the road. If it is connected, then you can take purchases quickly and easily wherever your location.

Advantages Of Opticon Barcode Scanner

For the advantages that the Opticon barcode scanner provides, it offers consistent, durable performance for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for a barcode scanner Malaysian businesses and entrepreneurs trust, then Opticon offers one of the best at a low, affordable price for your retail store or company.

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