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RedTech Android Cloud POS System - Free Lifetime Cloud Storage | One time purchase.

How RedTech Android POS System Supports the Business Growth?

With the increasing size of businesses and the related information, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the daily happenings in an organization even if you are away for some business meetings. Most of the times it can be tiresome to carry the laptops everywhere so Android POS System that can be integrated well with the mobile or tablet device can prove helpful in this situation. 

With the help of the Android POS Software, the relative data for the particular month or quarter or bi-monthly and even yearly is present on your device that the employer can go through when they are out on a holiday too. This system supports the companies in the growth of their business as it uses the advanced technology, and this software is available at a competent price.

Significant Reasons to Opt for the Android POS System

This Point of Sales system seamlessly working with the Android devices is giving major goals to the business employers to handle their business sitting in any part of the country. The executives possess the data at their fingertips. This Cloud POS System saves the important information related to the business that can be accessed by the top-management at any point of time.

The cloud-based system has made it easier for the organizations to handle their business successfully. Below are a few important reasons to get the POS System on Android for your business house.

  • The Android Point of Sales system is very easy to use, and one can simply set it up without any hassle. The software installed on your mobile device can easily access the data and is available at the fingertips of the employers.
  • The Cloud-based POS system helps the users to save the essential data related to the particular financial year with ease. This provides backup and restoration for the data and in case of any issue occurring in the database, the user can restore it from the Cloud Point of Sales system.
  • This POS Software generates the detailed report about the inventory and the sales that happen in the particular month or year. Moreover, this POS system has the quality hardware system too that is durable, stylish and functional too.
  • The employers can purchase the system after going through the functionalities provided by the various versions. One can even contact the sellers who can guide better on which system to choose.

To conclude, it can be seen that this Point of Sales system built on the Android platform is user-friendly and very easy to set up. Furthermore, Android POS System is even portable as well.


Five Significant Features to Choose RedTech Android POS System for Your Small-Scale Business

The Android Point of Sales system is a tablet or mobile-based system that the companies can use to know about the sales and stock of their company. Many POS systems are available online so the small-business owners must take the advice before buying the right type of system. This Cloud POS System works well for payment processing and another working of the business for both wholesalers and retailers. Here are five important features to choose this POS system.

  1. Easy Synchronization with the Cloud System

The data can be synchronized with the Cloud System through offline and online mode. There will be no interruption in the sales transactions even if the internet speed is low, or it is down. As soon as the internet connectivity is fast, the data will automatically synchronize with your Cloud system. This makes this POS system one of the most essential parts for running the business with advanced technology usage.

  1. Simple Reporting System

Why get into the hassle of employing the labor to accomplish the tasks manually when the Android POS System can do it automatically. The stock and the sales report are present for the employers in an easiest and understandable format. The sales reports of the company are available on the go on your Android mobile device, or it can also be exported in the form of an Excel sheet.

  1. Scanning and Ordering using the QR Code

With the help of the QR code, the customers can now simply scan the code and place the order from their table whereas, firstly, the workforce was employed to take the orders from each table. The consumers can place their orders from anywhere and at any time of the day that will eventually lead to growth in the sales rate of the business.

  1. Tracking of a Large Amount of Inventory

The POS system proves helpful for the small-scale businesses too who are dealing in a large amount of inventory in a month. This system will lessen down the hassle of looking out for inventory manually as executives can add as many items they want in the required field in this system.

  1. It Supports VAT and GST

The Point of Sales system powered by Android also supports the VAT and GST with which the employers can record their transactions in one place. This will help them to pay out the right amount of calculated taxes, GST, and VAT on their goods within the stipulated time.

To sum up, the above-cited five features for the Cloud POS System having the Android platform is pushing the small-scale industries to compete well with the usage of advanced technology in this competitive era.

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