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POS System | POS Software | Point of Sales
POS System | POS Software | Point of Sales
POS System | POS Software | Point of Sales

One Stop Point of Sales Solution in Malaysia

Red Zone Solution provide one stop solution POS system included consultation, training, after sales service and support, POS Hardware & POS Software which suitable for multiple industrial. 

POS System Touch Terminal




Our POS Software

RedTech POS System

RedTech Pos System

Zeoniq POS system

Zeoniq POS System

SQL POS System

SQL Pos System

Cloud POS System

Cloud Pos System

Android POS System

Android Pos System

XDiner Restaurant POS System

Restaurant Pos System


iPad Pos system

iPad POS System





Supported Operating Systems

Android Pos System


Window Pos System

Microsoft Window

ipad pos system

Apple iOS




Highlight Feature


Multi-Outlet & Franchise Friendly


E-Wallet QR Payment

Mobile Go Report

Mobile Sales Report


Membership with PointCollection & Redeemtion

Cloud Accounting Ecommerce

eCommerce Platform Integration - Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok

Integration with Accounting

Integration with Accounting Software

Mall Integration

Shopping Mall Integration


Sales Promotion Feature


Voucher Management




Restaurant POS System price

Point of Sales Software - A Business Necessity

In retail, you need a point of sale software. Software for point of sales Malaysia has available should be top priority. Without one, you cannot run a business efficiently. They allow you to do everything, from logging in employees to selling products. The potential and possibilities have made them integral to a business’s success. This applies to any business, too. There is no overlooking their importance.

POS System - Finding the Right One

Before you go into buying a POS software, you should know that each one is different. Some focus on the needs of a restaurant, while others might go for retail or specialty shops. Some might offer generalized options and features. Finding the right one is important here. You want something built for your employees and business type to ensure a positive experience and to gain the most from it.

POS System - Getting Your Point of Sales Software

RedZone makes getting this software easier than ever before. You have popular, trusted, and high quality POS systems available. RedZone has some of the best POS software Malaysia offers, and at reasonable prices. Go through the list, find the one that works for you, and purchase it.



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