Best Thermal Receipt Printer For Retail, Restaurant & Cashier Counter
Thermal Receipt Printer
Thermal Receipt Printer
Thermal Receipt Printer

Complete Guide When Buying Thermal Receipt Printer

Most of us have encountered a thermal receipt printer. We’ve seen it while we are paying the fuel of our car using our credit card, at the convenient store or at the ATM machine. Probably all retail outlets have been using retail counter printer to deliver a more convenient and effective service. Similar with the common digital printers, it is also available in different types. Contingent upon your personal needs and the needs of your business, there are styles, sizes, and price that will suit your preference. There are also specialised types of receipt printers that are commonly used in scientific and medical fields.


Things That You Need to Consider When Buying Thermal Receipt Printer

When you are purchasing a thermal printer, there are different things that you have to think about. For instance, if you are looking for a Cashier POS Receipt Printer based on the cost, you need to consider if there are additional charges that you need to shoulder such as the set-up and delivery cost.


The Role of the Thermal Printer

Before you start looking for the ideal thermal receipt printer, you need to consider first the task that will be fulfilled by the receipt printer. For example, if you are running a home-based business that requires postage labels, you should look for a label printer that has multiple label sizes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a thermal printer for personal use, thermal transfer is the perfect solution.


The Types of Thermal Printer

When looking at the brands and types of retail counter printer, the amount of options in the market can easily overwhelm you. You can check the online site that provides reviews and product comparison in order to understand the printer that suits your needs.

  • Star TSP-654-This is a direct thermal receipt printer. It has a dimension of 5.6x8x5.2in. That compact size does not hamper its ability to print fast.
  • TEC B-Sx5T- This is a model designed by Toshiba. It is a mix of thermal transfer and direct thermal printing. It has a maximum printing speed of 479.5in/minute. The size is considerably larger compared to your regular desktop.
  • PocketJet 3- it accepts thermal printing in three various sizes. It can work wireless or wired. You can power it through the AC Adapter or USB port.


Where to Purchase Thermal Receipt Printer

The restaurant receipt printer can be purchased on a local store. Sadly, the amount of available thermal printer may be limited. The perfect place to find a large selection of printer is through an online marketplace. These websites will provide you with physical and technical information. They can also provide discounted prices for the remanufactured printers that can help you save a significant amount of money.


With a lot of uses, most brands and manufacturers have a line of thermal receipt printer that will fulfil the needs of your business. It is available in varying sizes, functions and styles. It is highly essential to understand where you will use the printer before you start looking for your desired thermal printer.


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Brand of Thermal Receipt Printer :

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Feature :

Mini size, double injection molding and rubber protection around, durable enough for anti-dropping

 Non-slip design (salient points on the rubber of the two sides)

 Exclusive power indication light

 Support USB, power adapter or power bank charging

 Standby mode to save power

 Provide SDK for IOS and Android


Dimension 111*124*48mm (W*D*H)
Print method Line thermal printer
Paper width 80mm
print width 72mm
Weight ( g) 320g
Max diameter of paper roll 45mm
Dot per line 576 dots/line
Print speed 90mm/s
Life cycle time 50km(printing density under 12.5%)/100 million pulses
text and graphic Support

English, figure, symbol, Chinese, graph, curve, icon pre-stored, barcode


Dot pitch (resolution) 203DPI/8 dots/mm   

RS232/Mini USB

bluetooth support android and IOS

Power 2600mAh 7.4V rechargeable Lithium battery
Recharge adapter Stand by recharging / AC adapter
Self-check Without paper /low power/ cover open
commands ESC/POS compatible with order sets
Black mark test Supported
Paper cut tear bar
Operate setting Temperature:-10℃~50℃; Humidity:20%~85%
Recharge Setting Temperature:5℃~40℃; Humidity:20%~85%
Storage Setting Temperature:-20℃~70℃; Humidity:5%~95%
Standard accessories Long-term preservable paper, AC adapter, li-ion battery,manual,USB cable
Optional accessories Serial interface cable / leather coat



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