RedTech 9400A Laser BarCode Scanner [Stand] ~ 200 scan/sec
RedTech 9400A Laser BarCode Scanner [Stand] ~ 200 scan/sec - IP54
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1 year Warranty  /  READY STOCK / IP 54 Industrial Grade scanner

RedTech 9400A Laser BarCode Scanner [Stand] ~ 200 scan/sec

RedTech SA9400 Barcode Laser Scanner | Barcode Readers

RedTech has been one of the most primary producers of scanning devices that reach the level of the industry’s demand to have a high-performance code reader. Just imagine a bulk of items without a laser scanner while you only have a limited time to deliver the products to your client. You already think of what will happen if you are not able to provide the order of your client. It is either he gives you more time or he cancels the order and looks for other manufacturers.


RedTech SA9400 Laser Scanner is a barcode scanner adaptable to the newest technology. It is created on the platform of a single-line laser barcode scanner as it delivers an aggressive and ultimate scanning performance used for all kinds linear barcodes. It can also read even those damaged and poor quality barcodes.


It can read printed barcodes and can directly transmit it to computers to become data through its light sensor. This handheld laser scanner is mostly seen on countertops used to provide an accurate reading of bar codes of a certain product.


Its object detection is already updated to ensure it adapts to the need of the industry to cope up with the standard procedures. It has an automatic configuration as well as in-stand detection feature to make it easier for the user to operate this barcode scanner.


It also provides a leading presentation of the scanning procedure while it is able to withstand various demands that commonly exists in a busy working environment. It is an ideal barcode reader that can be utilized for various applications like manufacture, retail point-of-sale, and logistics.


It has a capacity of 5 mil scanning ability to read the code even faster compared to other types of barcode readers in the market. It can also withstand the friction or shock caused by dropping or dust. In fact, it adheres to IP54 industrial level compliance to make sure the standard quality is followed.


RedTech SA9400 Laser Scanner has a low power consumption and a has high contrast with a superior performance. Its display application is the highlight of this QR reader and is the primary driver of improvement to replace the older versions of scanners. It is focused to meet certain requirements such as the development of the screen resolution.


It is created to withstand scanning of bulk items to deliver the demand of businesses who produced thousands of items in a day. Through the constant changes in the world of technology, it has been developed to help businesses increase their productivity.


Known to have a fast scanning performance, it is hassle-free to use making staffs provide a better service to their clients. It perfectly delivers a clear resolution and an accurate data which are necessary for businesses to operate flawlessly.


Shoppers often get rid of waiting on the line while they wait for their order to be claimed. The RedTech SA9400 Laser Scanner is able to reduce this common problem since the industry relies on its performance. Its sleek design makes it easy for users to operate it comfortably.

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