Malaysia RJ-11 Cash Drawer - 5 bills / 8 coin - BLACK COLOR
RJ-11 Cash Drawer - 5 bills / 8 coin - BLACK COLOR
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RJ-11 Cash Drawer - 5 bills / 8 coin - BLACK COLOR

Color : Black, White

• 5 bill/8 coin
• Drawer made of robust steel; Insert made of ABS plastic
• Roller ball bearings; 2 cheque slots; locking bar
• 3 position keys – random with 4 different key numbers
• Anchor hole available on the op of drawer’s cover
• Inhouse powder coating
• Solenoid with any voltage and ampere
• Connection port : RJ-11 (6pins, solenoid 2&4)
• Gripper made of plastic, metal or wire
• Dimension (WxHxD) : 410mm X 100mm X 415mm
• Optional : Mocroswitch, Bell, Lockable lid.


RJ-11 Cash Drawer


RJ-11 Cash Drawer is made of a robust steel while its insert is made of ABS plastic. It [is designed to allow you to store 5 bills and 8 coins. It is widely known as the standard cash drawer mostly used by supermarkets and counters. Its appearance and size look like the type of connector for the usual home phone system.


This Malaysia cash drawer consists of four gold makes use of 6 pins RJ11 connector so receipt printers and cash drawers can communicate properly. In addition, it is also referred to as the Drawer Kick Interface or DKD. Others referred it as an Epson/Citizen/Star Interface since they are the receipt printers commonly used brands where the cash drawer is connected.


RJ-11 Cash Drawer works with almost all brands of receipt printer when used along with the RJ11 socket. This POS cash drawer is the essential component of every business to operate in a fast manner and to be able to be productive every single minute of operation.


Using the USB cash drawer interface, it is a way of standard communication designed for RJ-11 Cash Drawer so it gets connected to a single port going to the supporting host machine. RJ11 cash machine can also be powered by the computer system so transactions made are recorded in the form of readable data.


Due to the RJ-11 Cash Drawer sleek design, it is created to consume lesser space on the countertop so you can work conveniently and easily. Since it needs to be ejected to be opened, it is created to fit enough space giving you an extra one so movements in the countertop are comfortable.


It is made to be durable for longer use. It even has an in-house powder coating to ensure it delivers a good looking appearance and can withstand scratches and rubbings. It is reliable to accommodate frequent usage to make you satisfied with the value you need to invest in having it for your business needs.


This heavy duty cash machine is featured with roller bearings, locking bar, and 2 cheque slots to have an organized storage. Its long-lasting steel material has a fine finish no matter it encounters frequent usage and frictions caused by rubbings and great counter traffic.


Some POS systems used by small to medium business types are designed to open the cash machine automatically during printing receipts. They are also created for loss prevention which is the common problem of countertops with fewer security risks. Whenever a staff left the cash drawer unattended, RJ-11 Cash Drawer is guaranteed to keep the money safe with its key in numbers and advanced lock feature.


RJ-11 Cash Drawer is aesthetically designed with a black color. Choosing this as part of your business transactions lets you save time and money. It can be purchased at an affordable price as an additional comfort and peace of mind.  Selecting RJ-11 Cash Drawer lets you buy its quality with fair pricing at the same time. 

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