SQL Account : How To Set 7 Different Selling Price In SQL Accounting ? | SQL Accounting Software
SQL Account : How To Set 7 Different Selling Price In SQL Accounting ? | SQL Accounting Software

SQL Account : How to Set 7 Different Selling Price in SQL Accounting ?


Utilize contained database clients to verify SQL Server and SQL Database associations at the database level. A contained database is a database that is disengaged from different databases and from the occasion of SQL account (and the ace database) that has the database. SQL Server underpins contained database clients for the two Windows and SQL Server confirmation.





When utilizing SQL Accounting consolidate contained database clients with database level firewall rules. This subject audit the distinctions and advantages of utilizing the contained database show contrasted with customary login/client model and Windows or server-level firewall rules. Explicit situations, sensibility or application business rationale may in any case require utilization of customary login/client model and server-level firewall rules.



The vital chief is that both the login (in the ace database) and the client (in the client database) must exist and be identified with one another. This implies the association with the client database has a reliance upon the login in the ace database, and this restrains the capacity of the database to be moved to an alternate facilitating SQL Account



How to set 7 Different Selling Price in SQL Accounting


1. Multiple tag module can set multi price for the multiple items. There is a system stock which maintain the stock item properly. You can choose the option to set by individual customer


2. Set the price for the item you want to sell, you can set by price tag by grouping your customers. Click on the stock button to maintain stock price tag of SQL Account. Got to maintain customer and assign your customer under the price tag. You can set the item on the dealer on the basis of the price tag. And maintain under price tag to create it under dealer and end-user after that go to the maintain customer to assign the customer under the wish price that group so let us add it and assign this.


3. Next assign the best price tag to the items which is under deal of safe let’s go back to the stop maintained store item and edit the ip6 you can assign under the price tag for example Dilla with one unique can ring it or you can set under discount of 10% for certain period for example press of me 201 file and do 30 press of me 201 5 then say after done all these you just have to go for twos option look for the unique price then you just have to set the customers price tag.


4. Please put it as priority and set under apply whenever above and make sure minimum and maximum selling price leave it blank and click on Ok and now we will do a transaction with the customers just now as you can see alpha and beta system will auto capture. With the quantity 1 if you follow referent price around him, the quantity of 7 we will follow the price type just now hour and 7.


Follow this easy step to set the seven different selling prices in SQL Accounting. This step leads you to set the referent price for the proper setting up of the selling price.



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SQL Account : How To Set 7 Different Selling Price In SQL Accounting ? | SQL Accounting Software


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