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Are you an Accountant ?  Looking for accounting software ?

SQL Accounting Software Unlimited Accounting

Unlimited Computers

SQL Accountant Special Version offer a Accounting software support Unlimited Companies Account , Unlimited Financial Year / Database, Unlimited Computers.@ only RM1x99.

Software Highlight :

  •  Built in SST - Sales Tax (Accrual) & Advance Service Tax (Payment Basis)

  •  Open period, No need Year End

  •  Daily auto backup

  •  Unlimited level of sub account on P/L & B/S

  •  Advance Drill from anywhere down to the source document

  •  Advance Security lock user on hide certain keywords within Payment Voucher / PO etc

  •  CTOS company overview

  •  Full Business Document Ready : Quotation, SO, DO, Inv, CN, DN, PR, PO etc


Feature include : 

  • SST Module
  • DIY-Fields (User defined fields)
  • GL Module ( Journal Entry, Bank Reconciliation, P&L Statement, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Payment voucher, Receive voucher, Ledger Report)
  • Billing Module (Quotations, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Cash Sales, Debit Note & Credit Note)
  • Purchase Module (Purchase Request, Purchase, Goods Receipt Note, Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase & Purchase Return)
  • Project module
  • Open period, no need year end(b/f auto cut off for each financial year)
  • Budget
  • export to MS office, jpeg, html, pdf, & etc
  • 3 columns Balance Sheet
  • unlimited level of sub account on P/L & B/S
  • simply Drill Down to source document
  • copy & paste of document or selected detail records
  • External File (Fax, email, letter) tracking
  • Unlimited Shipping and branchs address
  • Sales & Purchase Price Assistant
  • Stock Status Assistant
  • Profit Estimator
  • Advance Drill Down


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Module Include : Full set accounting (GL, AR, AP), Invoicing (Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Delivery Order , Credit Note, Debit Note) ,  Purchasing Document (Purchase order, Good Receive Note, Purchase Return, Cash Purchase, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Request) , Basic View of Inventory, Customer Master Date, Supplier Master Data & etc


Others Feature : Journal Entry, Bank Reconciliation, Payment voucher, Office Receipt, Customer/Supplier Refund, Customer/Supplier Contra, Openning Balance, Stock Value, Account Inquiry & etc


Report : Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial balance, Ledger Report, Cash Flow Statement, Customer/Supplier Outstanding report, Customer/Supplier Aging Report, Customer/Supplier Analaysia Report, Document Listing Report & etc


GST : GST03 Report, TAP summition file, GST Bad Debt Relief Report, GST Listing Report, Gift / Deemed Supply, Print GST listing, GST Audit Ledge, GST Taxable Listing, RMCD Guidlines, GAF- GST Audit Files & many more. 


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Why Every Business Needs to Have an SQL Account Software Malaysia


Even before we start touching on the unlimited benefits that come with having the GST certified SQL account software, let us discuss what it is all about. SQL accounting software is the best accounting systems in Malaysia that help in a myriad of functions.


And with that, it can make any business run smoothly and flawlessly. It is also possible to access it from anywhere since it can be accessed online, with all of the relevant data, making it easy for accountants to work from just about anywhere on the globe, which wasn’t the case before. It should be known that the SQL account software Malaysia is GST certified, which is a big deal in the accounting world.



Why SQL Certified by GST Accounting System Malaysia Is a Big Deal


The GST in full is goods and services tax, and the software responsible for making the necessary calculations is none other than the GST accounting software. Recently, the GST accounting system Malaysia passed a law that was meant to boost the transparency in the taxation system.

Companies were given 17 months to familiarise with the systems and make the necessary changes.

Apart from transparency, the accounting software would also improve the businesses in such a way that they will have the opportunity have accurate and easy-to-manage books.


SQL accounting software, which is GST compliant, can also be used to make the necessary records, monitor the accounting process and at the same time provide suggestions for future decisions through the provision of accurate reports. The SQL software can also help in making an audit if the need arises which saves the business a lot of time and manpower.


The Benefits of Having the Best Accounting Software Malaysia Has to Offer

Apart from being very easy to use, the best accounting software Malaysia can also be used for many purposes. And to limit its access to business employees only and to avoid unauthorised individuals from accessing it, the company can make sure that they restrict access to company employees only.


The software also helps with the company taxes, helping them to abide by all the government requirements. Any accounting problems that the company might encounter will be analysed properly and without any problems in a matter of second. And since the software is accurate, there is limited human error cases hence preferred.


The software providers will sort out any bug related problems on behalf of the company, making sure that the software is running as smoothly as possible, bringing everything else to normalcy in a short while. The software can be customised, all depending on the company’s needs and dealings.


It also goes without saying that the SQL accounting software is very safe; hence, keeping the company’s sensitive accounting data safe. Last but not least, the use of SQL accounting software will without a doubt, save the company a lot of money. Finally, the SQL service providers are always online and ready to handle all the client queries including emergencies professionally and proficiently.



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