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SQL Accounting Software
SQL Accounting Software
SQL Accounting Software

SQL Accounting Software is Malaysia Leading Accounting Software, which include full range of features, such as Invoicing, Inventory Control, SQL SST / GST Module, Manufacturing module & etc. SQL Accounting Software is a very friendly usage & flexible in Malaysia market. Free Demo & Free Download.


Why Yours Business Needs SQL Accounting Software Malaysia

Everything in business is going digital because it is fast, accurate, affordable and easy to operate. All you will be required to do is install the software and feed it with the relevant data and allow it to sort everything out within the shortest time.


SQL Account ERP - Accounting Software



SQL Accounting Software Favoured Features 

SQL accounting software is suitable for all businesses, from small businesses to large organizations. It is crucial to find a busiess solution that suits you. We cater for every industry. Small business, cloud accounting software, to on-premise accounting software, choose the best fit for your business. SQL Account is user friendly & can be integrated with no fuss. 

Free Download Accounting Software trial to experience our accounting software.


SQL Account

Access your account & manage your 

business anytime, anywhere.



SQL Account

Email statement to all your customer 

individually with password encryptions in 

one simple click.


SQL Account

Accountant set, shipping and forwarding, 

property management, construction, 

distributor, motor vehicle system, 

photocopier meter.

SQL Account

Provide SQL Account users a financial

standing overview of their customers and 

suppliers. Helping users make better 

business risk assessment.

SQL Account

Allowed users access into the documents

with restricted by advance level locks, such

as hide salaries in cash book.


SQL Account

Comprehensive reporting such as

commission collection reports, tracks your

top 3 profitable customers, annual 

comparison of profit & loss.



SQL Account ERP - Accounting Software

Main Module

SQL Account General Ledger

General Ledger

It’s easy to manage and track

your company’s accounting records

SQL Account Customer


Keep Your Customer in Touch


SQL Account Supplier


Manage and keep your supply 

chain in check

SQL Account Stock Module


Helps take control of your inventory


SQL Account Sales


More time. For Sales.


SQL Account Purchase


Be cost effective.





Highlight Feature


SQL Account

Access anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Accounting Batch Email

Batch Email Document & Statement

SQL Account

Support Multiple Type of Business

Cloud Accounting CTOS

Build-In CTOS Report

SQL Account

User Access Right

SQL Account

Comprehensive Reporting

Cloud Accounting SST

SST Module

Cloud Accounting backup

Keep your own Database Backup

Cloud Accounting Project

Project Module

RHB Reflex Premium Plus

Connect to RHB Reflex 

Cloud Accounting Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset Module

Cloud Accounting Auto Bank Reconciliation

Auto Bank Reconciliation

Cloud Accounting eInvoice

eInvoice, ePayment, eStatement

Cloud Accounting Mobile Approve

Mobile Approve (Email & Whatsapp)

Cloud Accounting Payroll

Integrate with Payroll




Benefits of Public & Private Cloud Accounting


public cloud accounting


SQL Public Cloud Accounting SQL Private Cloud Accounting
  • No IT maintenance required
  • No need to purchase new hardware
  • No need to configure any network
  • Ensured data security
  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Host your own cloud in your premise with only 1 time payment
  • No monthly fee.
  • You can have a hybrid use of SQL Accounting. You can use on the web browser when you are not in the office, or local installation can be use without any internet access.



SQL Account Cloud Accounting Software

This cloud accounting software makes it simple for the client to follow every one of the buys, accumulations, and deals since it keeps all the monetary records intelligently in a solitary spot. The documentation of inventories likewise remains fully informed regarding the assistance of this product. What's more, the logical device can produce the print duplicate. A faultless report can be normal and redone with the help of a committed group, even with an odd monetary date. It is user-friendly, you can take out the print of the data you have feed in it it is affordable and high in quality. This software is automated as it gets updated automatically.  It is associated with easy customization.


Cloud Accounting


The good thing about the SQL Accounting System Malaysia software is that it can also print the useful information it has generated with its advanced analytic tool. This information will help you make very important decisions to improve your business.

You will also have the SST SQL Accounting software in Malaysia giving you a combination of useful business modules which will also boost your business further.

The application can also run for 24/7 which and the good news is that it's both efficient and you don’t have to part with your hard earned money paying some employee overtime. The application is also very affordable which makes sure that you get your money’s worth while still saving more in the process.



SQL Account - Accounting Software Customer Reference


SQL Accounting Customer

View More SQL Accounting Customer





Others Add-On Module (Optional)


Cloud Accounting Location Module

Multi Location

Cloud Accounting Batch Module

Batch / Expire Date Control

Cloud Accounting Production Bill Of Material

Production BOM - Bill of Material

Cloud Accounting Giro

InterBank GIRO IBG

Cloud Accounting Financial Consolidate

Financial Consolidate

Cloud Accounting Job Order

Production Job Order

Cloud Accounting Ecommerce


Cloud Accounting Excel Import

Excel Data Import & Export 

Cloud Accounting Multi Currency

Multi Currency

Cloud Accounting Sales Commission

Salesman Commission

Cloud Accounting Stock Category

Stock Category

SQL Business Intelligence Dashboard

SQL Business Intelligence Dashboard

Cloud Accounting Serial Number

Serial Number

Cloud Accounting Deposit Module

Deposit Module

Cloud Accounting Cash Flow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecast

Cloud Accounting Member Point

Membership Points

Cloud Accounting Point of Sales

Point of Sales

Cloud Accounting Customization

Multiple Branches Control

Cloud Accounting Invoicing Apps

Salesman Mobile Apps

Stock Pick Checker Program

Stock Pick Checker Program

Cloud Accounting Stock Takes Apps

Stock Take Apps



Is The Effective SQL Accounting Software System Safe?

There are certain precautions you need to take when using the SQL Accounting software Malaysia app to ensure waterproof safety. Setting authentications before allowing your employees to use the application will go a long way in keeping your data safe.

The app also offers the backing up option when you want to switch off your computer. This way, the data that has been entered and analysed by the application will be saved. The application can also run in the background while you and your employees are using the computer for other productive purposes which are amazing for sure.

The application also allows a secure access into your SQL account records as it has a simple application COM interface. Data can also be backed up at any time without the need of having to shut down which is fast and very convenient while safeguarding your data.


SQL Support Line


Why Having SQL Accounting System Malaysia Is Economical

The SQL Account GST software Malaysia application is very affordable as compared to other ordinary accounting software that doesn't even match up to its superb quality. It is also a fact that this system can run in the background while you or your employees are using the computer to carry out other profitable tasks.

The SQL Accounting Software System can also run around the clock and do a perfect job without there being the need for overtime payments as it is the case with employees. All the data analysis and presentations are all consistent the PSQL and have no errors.

Human is to error and so it might cost you less working with this software because of it won't cost you that much as it would as you try to fix your errors which happen more often than not. In conclusion, I would highly recommend that you get this superb and effective accounting app and save yourself from costly accounting errors.



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Dashboard Screen:

Cloud Accounting Dashboard



Cloud Accounting Invoice Screen :

Cloud Accounting Invoice



Profit & Loss Report Screen :

Cloud Accounting Profit & Loss Report



User Access Right Control Screen :

Cloud Accounting User Access Control



Choose SQL Accounting Software for Precise Accounting and Business Analytics

Looking for easy-to-use accounting software?

Everything is going digital. You have applications for every task and accounting is no exception. In fact, accounting requires more precision and computers and accounting software have made it possible. SQL accounting software is the most popular one in the market with a whole range of features to its credit. Whether you are looking for GST module, sql invoicing, manufacturing module or inventory control, SQL accounting software offers them all.

Why choose SQL Accounting Software ?

  • It is user-friendly. Anyone can learn to operate within a short time with a bit of training.
  • You can print the generated information obtained through its analytic tool. So presentations are easy.
  • You can run your business efficiently by making use of the business modules in the software.
  • It is affordable yet high on quality.
  • You can carry on with other work on your computer while the software does its job in the background.
  • It can run 24/7, so you can cut down on labor costs while still being able to get the work done.
  • Accurate data analysis, so have no worries about errors.

How safe is SQL Accounting software

As this is accounting software, you need to set authentications before you let your employees use it. The software provides back-up option if you want to switch off the system. So, the data you entered is safe. The software provides for a secure access to your account through an application COM interface. You can also backup your data anytime; you need not shut down the system. This quick system enables you to protect your data conveniently.

RedZone Solution is a reputed supplier of certified GST SQL account software. The GST certification is appealing for sure! You get full value for your money besides training to use the application. Opt for the unmatched accounting software today!


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We empower more than 600,000 accounting and business professionals using Cloud Accounting Software, SQL Account and SQL Payroll to perform their daily operation effectively. LHDN E-Invoice Ready - SQL e-Invoicing Software.

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